PAC Route Time to Completion: 4 Semesters


Master’s in Educational Instruction Degree Option: 2 additional courses


If you are committed to improving the learning environments for students in grades 6 to 12 and you have a strong desire to improve your teaching effectiveness, then join us in the online Pedagogy and Certification Route for Secondary Teachers (PAC Route) at Northern Michigan University. This nationally accredited online teaching and learning community will engage you in a purposeful and planned sequence of theory, application, and supervised internships.

如果您致力于改善6至12年级学生的学习环境,并且强烈希望提高您的教学成效,请加入北密歇根大学的在线中学教师教学与认证(PAC)项目 。此一在线教学社区,经由国家认证,将提供机会,使您参与一系列精心设计的理论、实践和指导实习。

The PAC Route design accommodates any working professional’s schedule and assists them in earning their initial Michigan Secondary (grades 6-12) Teaching Certificate within one of the following content areas, or equivalent, for which the professional currently holds a bachelor’s degree:


  • English 英语
  • Mathematics 数学
  • Chemistry 化学
  • Physics 物理
  • Biology 生物
  • Social Studies 社会学
  • History 历史

PAC Route enrollees have graduate student status at Northern Michigan University.


The program is developed by professional faculty who have significant experience teaching in grades 6-12 classrooms. The PAC Route requires four semesters and 28 credits to complete. Through the online PAC Route for Secondary Teachers, you can earn your initial grades 6-12 Michigan subject-area teaching certificate in four online semesters of coursework.

If you wish, you may also earn a Master’s of Educational Instruction by completing an additional five credits of online courses.


STEP 1: Submit an inquiry for the Pedagogy and Certification (PAC) Route Program. A PAC Route Program Counselor will contact you about goals, required documents for application, and teaching certification.

步骤1:咨询PAC项目。 PAC顾问将就目标、申请所需文件和教师证与您联系。

STEP 2: Respond to the meeting request from a PAC Route Program Counselor who will help you determine if you are eligible for the PAC Route.


STEP 3: Interview with a PAC Route Program Counselor to determine eligibility and to develop a PAC Route plan of study. The interview and required written materials are also used to gauge English proficiency if the applicant is a non-English native speaker.


Please have the following documents prepared for your interview with the PAC Route Counselor:


  • A current resume outlining education, relevant work experience, and skills 简历:概述学历、相关工作经验和技能
  • An essay explaining your professional goals 自传:解释您的职业目标
  • Unofficial copy of transcripts 在学成绩单(不需官方验证)

STEP 4: Upon approval from your PAC Route Program Counselor, complete the Northern Michigan University application for admission. No verification of finances is required for online Global Campus programs.


  • Declare the “Educational Instruction” program, 申请「教育教学」项目
  • Pay $50 application fee, 支付50美元的申请费
  • Provide:
    • English Copy of Transcripts, 英語成绩单
    • Education Credential Evaluation, 教育证书评估
    • Proof of English Proficiency. 英语水平证明 

University provided scholarships or tuition waivers do not exist for the PAC Route.


Fee 费用

Description 明细

50USD application fee, 50美元申请费


Standard fee for all graduate student applicants, 一般研究生申请费用


Tuition, 学费

Current graduate tuition rates are established at the in-state tuition rate for all Global Campus online students -,比照本州研究生标准收费

Education credential evaluation and English proficiency, 学历验证及英语水平证明

     Recommend 推薦學歷驗證機構:

Education Credential Evaluators (ECE) or

World Education Service (WES)


50USD online course fee, 50美元在线课程费用


Charged per credit hour, 按学分收费


Cost of Supplemental Materials, 补充材料的费用


Required materials beyond the online open-source and instructor created materials are the responsibility of the student.



Semester 1, 第一学期

Semester 2, 第二学期

Semester 3, 第三学期

Apply for ED 584 Internship – PAC Program Counselors will work with you and your school administrator so the internship occurs in the school in which you are employed. 

申请ED584实习课程 – PAC顾问将协助您与学校主管协调,安排在职实习。

Semester 4, 第四学期

  • ED 584 Internship (6 credits)

The internship occurs in the school and classroom where the participant is employed. An internship requires approval from the participant’s school administrator and/or an on-site peer mentor. An internship agreement will be developed for each individual participant. Program faculty will use video observation, artifacts from the participant’s students, and participant reflections for the assessment, evaluation, and critique.  The internship requires 360 hours of teaching for individuals who wish to apply for a Michigan teaching certificate.


  • Upon successful completion of all required coursework at a 3.0 or better grade point average, satisfactory performance in the internship, and a passing score for the appropriate MTTC content exam your PAC Route Program Counselor will assist you with the application for a Michigan Teaching Certificate.