We're here to help. 

Applying to graduate school is totally different than applying to an undergraduate program. We get that it can sometimes seem daunting. If you are confused or need our assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're available through several channels. 

  • Email: gradadmissions@nmu.edu
  • Phone: (906) 227 2300


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Create a Timeline

  • Junior year - explore programs, connect with faculty, build relationships
  • Summer before senior year - draft essays, prepare for tests, visit campuses, identify programs
  • September - request recommendations, narrow choices, take tests
  • October - order transcripts, revise and tailor statements
  • November & December - Submit completed apps, follow up with letter writers, ensure supporting document arrival
  • January & February - visit prospective programs, research campus and community culture, meet current grad students
  • April 15 decision date - Council of Graduate Schools resolution

C.V. or Academic Resume

 A C.V., or Curriculum Vitae, is often required for admission to graduate programs. Follow these guidelines in developing and refining your C.V. Get help with this document from NMU Career Services

  • The first heading should be education - degree type, discipline, expected graduation term, GPA
  • Put the most important things up at the top. Does the program look for candidates with research experience? Put it on top. 
  • Highlight experience that will help you get funding (research, teaching, administrative/leadership exerience)
  • Use a serif font 
  • Do not use images
  • A C.V. does not include references

Letter of Intent

Some programs require a Letter of Intent as part of their application package. This document is similar to a Statement of Purpose. It should answer the following questions: 

  • Why are you applying for this program?
  • How is NMU a good fit, and the program a good match for your interests?
  • What do you intend on doing with your graduate degree?
  • Which faculty at NMU do you intend to work with or have been in contact with?

Letters of Recommendation

Most programs will require between one and three letters of recommendation. These are an important part of your application package. Letters of recommendation should come from people who know you.

  • Ask faculty advisors, supervisors, or mentors. 
  • Request letters at least two months in advance.
  • Provide your letter writers with information about you; unofficial transcript, resume or C.V., and a copy of your application essay. 
  • Indicate where you're applying, what degree type, and which academic program.
  • Make sure you tell them when they're due, and communicate with them often.
  • Consider asking one extra person in case one of your letter writers gets too busy to follow through.

*Letters of recommendation should be written by faculty members or professionals who are familiar with your academic progress and/or can address your strengths as a candidate for the program. Formatting should include the writer's professional contact information. 

Tips for recommendation letter writers

A letter of recommendation is an important part of a student's application. Here are a few pointers:

  • Content
    • Highlight the applicant's best traits
    • Use specific examples
    • Recall particular accomplishments or times the applicant overcame obstacles
  • Formatting
    • Use a letterhead if available 
    • Include your professional contact information
    • Address the admissions committee
  • Submitting
    • Make the deadline
    • Contact the grad office with any questions or issues. 

Steps to Apply

  1. Create your applicant profile to start the application. Save your username and password.
  2. Request your letters of recommendation. 
  3. Get to work on your essay. 
  4. Request official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions.
  5. Pay your application fee. 
  6. Add graduate@nmu.edu to your safe senders list. 
  7. Track the progress of your application by logging back into your application.


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