Student employees follow the same bi-weekly pay cycle as faculty and staff with pay periods beginning on Sunday and ending on the following Saturday.  Paychecks are issued 12 days after the pay period ends on a Thursday.  New student employees may have a three to four week delay depending on the week of the payroll cycle in which they begin employment.  Paychecks are now 100% electronic with two convenient options – direct deposit to your bank account or a pay card

Please follow the directions below to view your pay stubs online.

  1. Login to MyNMU
  2. Click on the Student Services tab
  3. Click on Main Menu in the upper left box
  4. Click on Employee
  5. Click on Pay Information
  6. Click on Pay Stub
  7. Select the year from the drop down list
  8. Click on Display
  9. Click on the desired pay date
  10. The pay stub will be displayed on the screen with a printer friendly button that can be used to print the pay stub.

Student employees record the hours they worked on the Ultra Time timekeeping system either by punching a time clock using their NMU WildCat Express ID card or by entering their time directly on UltraWeb.  Supervisors of student employees must record all student hours worked on UltraWeb no later than Tuesday at 11 a.m. following the end of the pay period.  Please be sure to discuss time reporting deadlines with your supervisor, especially if you record your own time on UltraWeb.

Student employees who do not believe they have been paid for all of the hours they worked should first contact their supervisor to resolve the issue.  Questions regarding tax withholdings, other deductions, direct deposit, pay card enrollment can be directed to the payroll office.

Please see the following for frequently asked questions (FAQs) on student payroll.