Self-Screening Process

In addition, NMU will require every employee (faculty, staff, temporary employees and student employees) who works on campus to use one of three approved methods to document their self-screening each day that they work on campus or work off-site somewhere other than their home.

  1. Google Form
  2. Individual Paper Log
  3. Department/Area Paper Log

Supervisors must talk with their employees about what method will work best for their work situation. Detailed supervisor and employee instructions are available below.


Based on a recent Question and Answer document published by MIOSHA, all department heads are to remind employees that the Preparedness and Response Plan includes:

  • COVID-19 infection control practices
  • the proper use of personal protective equipment
  • the steps an employee must take to notify NMU of any symptoms of COVID-19 or a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19
  • how to report unsafe working conditions

Employees must be logged into their Gmail or Google calendar in order to access the form. The Google forms will be consolidated into a spreadsheet and monitored regularly to ensure that individuals/departments are complying The supervisor will not have access to the form.

An employee can complete an individual paper log instead of the Google form.

Employees are responsible for completing the self- screening questions each day they work on campus or work at an offsite location other than their home.
Employees will be instructed to send their completed log at the end of each month to their supervisor, who will collect all paper logs and send to Mike Bath, Chief of Police/Director of Safety. Logs can be dropped off at the Services Building or can be sent via campus mail.

A binder with paper logs will be placed near every time clock and centrally within the department if needed. The appropriate supervisor will be responsible for clearing out, reviewing, and storing the logs at least weekly and ensuring there is a supply of logs in the binder for the week.

Supervisors should collect paper logs at the end of every pay period and perform a reasonableness check on the log completion. Reasonable does not mean that supervisors have to check that every employee’s on-campus hours clocked match every day’s log.  Rather, supervisors should spot check days and employees. If a supervisor knows an employee works on campus every day, they should be able to spot odd or missing entries and investigate further. At the end of each month, the logs should be sent to Mike Bath via campus mail or dropped of at the Services Building.

*Note that logs for food service, construction, health facilities, sport and exercise facilities, and facilities offering services to minors require a temperature check. Risk Management is working with these offices to ensure that the protocol is being followed.


Jill Compton

Internal Audit & Risk Management


Mike Bath

NMU Police Department


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Human Resources


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Human Resources


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Human Resources


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