Flexible Work Arrangements

Northern Michigan University supports flexible work arrangements that are in the best interests of the university, enable operational efficiencies, and enhance the productivity of the department and the employee(s).

There are critical planning considerations related to the Flexible Work Program Policy. Supervisors and employees should partner with Human Resources throughout the decision-making process. The Flexible Work Program is applicable to regular, non-represented and Administrative/Professional (A/P) employees whose job duties may be performed in whole or in part from an off-campus location or outside of standard business hours and/or days.

This website provides guidance regarding flexible work arrangements, including key considerations for decision-making, addresses questions and issues that may surface over time. Click here for a full list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Checklist for Establishing a Flexible Work Arrangement

To establish a successful flexible work arrangement, the following steps should be completed:

Types of Flexible Work Arrangements

A work schedule which differs from the standard business hours or days that the work would typically be completed. Standard hours for full-time employees are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. during the academic year. Standard days for full-time employees are Monday through Friday. This does not apply to positions that are expected to work variable hours and/or days or to part-time or full-time employees that were hired to work alternate hours or days.

Work that had previously been completed on campus that has been approved to be completed entirely at an on off-campus location. Requires a flexible work program agreement.

Hybrid work is work that is arranged and scheduled to be completed partially on-campus and partially off-campus based on an established, approved work schedule. For example, a hybrid work arrangement could have an employee work on campus three days a week and remotely two days a week. Requires a flexible work program agreement.


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