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Once you tell the candidate that you and your committee are excited about having them join Northern, the power base shifts slightly.  Whereas previously they were an applicant who was hoping for a favorable outcome, now they are the “chosen one” and we are the ones hoping they will give us a favorable reply.

The candidate may expect to negotiate on any number of items:  starting salary, starting date, years of credit, vacation time, relocation costs (must be more than 120 miles from Marquette), pre-scheduled time off, etc.  In order to prepare for a successful offer (and acceptance), do your homework on what you can be flexible with.  While years of credit and vacation time tends to be pretty standard across campus, there is typically some degree of flexibility with regard to starting salary, starting dates (non-academic), and any pre-scheduled time off (with or without pay). 

A quality outcome here is one in which both sides feel that their needs were met.  Establishing a constructive relationship from the beginning sets a foundation for a positive employment relationship in the future.

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