Services for Students/Alumni

NMU Career Services is awesome because we exist to maximize what an NMU degree can do! This is accomplished through reflective career coaching that helps students and alumni know and understand their unique combination of strengths, interests, and values and how those are linked to occupations and careers. Then Career Services gives students big advantages in actually acquiring the key internships, experiences, and jobs that lead to a fulfilling life and career. 

Here is a list of some of the ways Career Services can help. If you are just starting at NMU or with Career Services, a Career Coaching appointment is the best way to start!

Career Coaching

Coaching is a tool you can use to help career plan pre- and post-graduation. You will identify good career goals and break them down into actionable steps starting right from your first semester all the way to graduation and beyond. 


A powerful online tool used by over 90% of Fortune 500 companies that helps individuals identify, understand and maximize their strengths. CliftonStrengths reveals the most powerful knowledge about you, how you operate in teams, individually, professionally, and personally. 

Alumni Mentors

Who better to advise on getting the most out of your NMU degree than someone who has already successfully done it? We will connect you with the right alumni to provide specialized guidance.

Part-time job search

Assistance with part-time/on-campus/temporary job searching.

Resume, CV, and cover letter development

For assistance with creating/editing a resume, CV, and/or a cover letter.

Internship search

For assistance with internship searching and making a plan on acquiring it.

Full-time job search

For assistance with full-time job searching and making a plan on acquiring it.

Graduate school application material review

For assistance reviewing/updating your application material.

Professional Headshot

**Usually available on the 1st or 2nd Thursday of the month** Looking for a Professional Headshot for your LinkedIn? Join us for free professional photos!

Mock interview

Consider this appointment a dress rehearsal for the actual interview. You will be greeted as if we were the employer or graduate school. Dress for success!

Social media/LinkedIn review

For assistance updating/reviewing your social media platforms, especially how to take advantage of all the tools LinkedIn can offer.

Interview prep

For candid conversation and preparation for formal interviews, including interview types and practice questions.

Job Fair Preparation

Career Services hosts at least 4 job fairs per year and we can make sure you are ready to look and be your best when interacting with employers.

Many of these services are offered through our all-in-one system, Handshake.

Services for Employers

Career Services provides many services to employers to help with recruitment efforts.  The services and programs provided and include, but are not limited to, the list below. 

Job Postings - full-time, part-time, summer jobs, internships, etc. 

You can post the job in Handshake yourself or email it to and we'll post it for you. We could also: 

  • Email your job posting a a specific set of students and faculty/staff
  • Pin the job to specific classes/majors - this means that your job will be at the top of those students' lists in Handshake
  • Email specific student organization groups
  • Advertise with the Alumni Relations office
  • Advertise on our social media sites

Job Fairs

Each year, Career Services hosts at least six fairs that bring employers to campus to interview candidates for all types of jobs. 

On-Campus Recruitment

You can host an information table, interviews, or other event on campus.  

Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Program

The Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program enables students to earn their FWS funds (the government subsidizes a portion of the student's employment wages) while working in approved off-campus non-profit organizations. The non-profit organization serves as the employer of the student and pays 100% of the student's wages. However, the organization is reimbursed by Northern Michigan University for 75% of the student's gross wages on a monthly basis. 

Many of these services are offered through our all-in-one system, Handshake.