For the convenience of NMU students searching for employment on-campus, applications are available to download and print. After finding a job that you are interested in via Handshake (accessed through MyNMU), use the index below to obtain the appropriate application. Applications are also available in Handshake (under Resources) and attached to each job posting. You must fill out a separate application form for each position for which you are applying.

Instructions for completing and uploading your application: 

  • Open the PDF document in Acrobat (get it for free at
  • Type in the form, making sure to complete each field.
  • Go to File, Save As, and save the completed application. (You may also choose to save it by clicking on the Print icon and choosing 'Adobe PDF' as the printer. It will then have you save the document.) 
  • Upload this file into the job posting on Handshake (along with any other required documents). 

Note: Do not return completed applications to the Career Services Office, unless specifically requested to do so. Turn applications in directly to the office or department that is hiring. If you are not sure which form to use, consult the specific job posting or contact the department that posted the job in which you are interested.

Department/Office Application Forms
Building Services Student Application PDF
General On-Campus Employment Application PDF
IT Computing HelpDesk Apply online
Bookstore Apply online
Dining Services Apply online
Grounds PDF

Housing and Residence Life

Academic year: 

PDF - Office Assistant, Desk Receptionist, Security Assistant, Student Custodian (Residence Hall, On-Campus Apartments/Public Area Cleaner, Building Services Shop)

PDF - Paraprofessional (Resident Adviser, Community Adviser, and Resident Manager)

Summer Application:

PDF - Paraprofessional (Resident Adviser, Security Assistant, Community Adviser, Desk Supervisor, Desk Receptionist, and Office Student Assistant)

Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports PDF