Posting the Job

Before posting the position, you must determine job qualifications, duties, application requirements, pay rate, etc.  

When you're ready, post the position in Handshake  If you'd prefer, you can email it to and Career Services will post it in Handshake for you. 


Conduct interviews - for many students, this interview may be their first experience with employment searches.  Keep in mind that The Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit employers from requesting specific information that could be used for discriminatory purposes.  Interviews should include only job-related questions and information.  Departments assigning a student to confidential areas may want to consider a reference check before hiring the student.  Click here to access on-campus employment applications and view sample illegal and legal interview questions to help you successfully plan your interview process. 

Decide who to hire - keep the Hiring Policy and the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy in mind. 

Offer the job to the student - decide on a start date and give them information (required identification on the first day of employment, dress code, pay rate, etc.).  You may send a formal letter, if you'd like. 

Notify Career Services/Handshake that the position has been filled to avoid further inquiries. 

Contact students that were not selected for this position. 

Complete an Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) in MyNMU for the student prior to their first date of employment. Instructions can be found here

Create a file for the student. 

Order necessary supplies - name tag, name plate, office supplies, etc. 



Complete the required paperwork with each new student: 

  • I-9
  • Federal W-4
  • Michigan W-4
  • Direct deposit authorization form

Discuss work performance standards.

Set expectations and create a climate of open communication.

Give the student access to necessary shared drives, websites, etc. 

Add the student to the staff directory on your webpage, if applicable. 

Go over department emergency plans and procedures.

Train the student on all aspects of the position. 


When determining a schedule for your students, make sure they're working the allotted number of hours. 

  • Undergraduates must be enrolled for 6 or more credit hours; Graduate students must be enrolled for 4 or more credit hours. 
  • Students must be making satisfactory progress towards a degree, certification, or diploma. 
  • Fall and winter semesters - students are limited to 20 hours/week. 
  • Thanksgiving recess, holiday break, and mid-semester recess - limited to 20 hours/week. 
  • Students working over the holiday break must be pre-registered for the winter semester. 
  • Summer - undergraduates enrolled in 6 or more credit hours and graduate students enrolled in 4 or more credit hours are restricted to 20 hours/week. Students that are not enrolled in summer classes (or less than the amount listed above), but are pre-registered for the following fall semester, may work up to 40 hours/week. 
  • The number of hours worked by an individual student on campus will be cumulative; that is, if a student works more than one job, the total hours worked must meet the requirements listed above. 

Discipline/Termination information can be found here, if necessary. 

Federal Work-Study - if a student has FWS, you should keep track of how much they've used so you know how much will be coming out of the department's budget. 

Stay in touch with students over the summer break. 

You will need to complete an Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) in MyNMU for students prior to each summer semester, fall semester, and when they receive a pay raise. 


Evaluation & Appreciation

Complete an evaluation and meet with your student employees each semester or annually. 

Feel free to let your students know how they're doing often. You may even consider giving them a letter of appreciation

Show your appreciation to your students often, but especially during National Student Employment Week (April). 

If you give a student a raise, complete an Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) in MyNMU. 

Student's Last Day of Employment

Consider having a small celebration or give a parting gift/thank you note. 

Collect department keys and equipment. 

Remove student's access to shared drives, websites, etc. 

Remove the student from the staff directory on your webpage, if applicable. 

Complete an Early Termination Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) in MyNMU.