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You may enter up to two decimal places (3.2 or 3.25). If your school reports a weighted and unweighted GPA, please enter the higher of the two. For a GPA over 4.0, please enter 4.0.
Do you have a parent or grandparent who is a Northern Michigan University alumnus?
NMU's Residency Policy allows non-Michigan resident dependent children and grandchildren of NMU Alumni who earned an associate or higher degree to be considered a Michigan resident for tuition rate purposes and pay in-state rates. Find details and link to form at nmu.edu/residency. (Qualifying for this benefit changes eligibility for any non-resident scholarships.) More Information
Are you, or your spouse or parent, a military veteran or active duty service member?
Veterans or those currently serving in the United States Armed Forces, and their covered individuals, receive resident-equivalent tuition rates. For more information see nmu.edu/residency.

Global Campus online students should refer to nmu.edu/onlineaid.