Clinical Molecular Diagnostics

Northern’s Clinical Molecular Diagnostics program is designed to provide a rigorous graduate-level education for clinical laboratory scientists and biologists in the field of molecular diagnostics. The CMD program is intended for laboratory science professionals who are already trained and competent in a medical laboratory or related discipline. Northern’s program places emphasis on developing students to be knowledgeable in the clinical applications of molecular genetic tests for acquired, inherited, and infectious diseases.

Master's Program Tracks

Students in Clinical Molecular Diagnostics can choose from two degree tracks:

  1. Track 1: Clinical Molecular Diagnostics
  2. Track 2: Clinical Molecular Laboratory Education

Graduate Certificate Program

The Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Graduate Certificate program is 100% online and can be completed in 1 year or 3 semesters. 

Contact Information

Apply now, request information, or reach out to us using one of the contact methods below. We're here and ready to help you on your graduate education journey.

Main: 906-227-2885