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2022 Excellence in Service Award Winners

2022 Excellence in Service Award Winners

Kim Hegmegee - Safety Department, Occupational/Environment Health Specialist

Glenda Ross - Plant Operations, Buildings & Grounds Attendant

Chele Sproull - Plant Operations, Preventative Maintenance Technician

Jason Laxo - Health Center, Head Athletics Trainer

Claudia Mankee - Admissions, Executive Secretary

Kristin Demboski - Health Center, Certified Pharmacy Technician

LuAnne Thurston - Nursing, Executive Secretary

Brad Hamel - Extended Learning & Community Engagement, Executive Director of Global Campus

Not Pictured: Daryl Johnson - Plant Operations, Mechanic II


2022 Innovation Award Winners

2022 Innovation Individual Award Winners

Dr. Madison Ngafeeson - W.L. Cisler College of Business, Associate Professor

Ruth Abbott - Library, Senior Library Assistant

Kurt Hauswirth - Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services, Classical Music Producer/Host/Annnouncer


2022 Innovation Team Award Winners

2022 Innovation Team Award Winners

NMU Wild Pups Team:

    Dominic Andriacchi - Political Science

    Michelle Andriacchi - Nursing

    Casey Hopper - Nursing

    Katie Taylor - Nursing

    Anne Stein - Nursing

    Not Pictured: Rachel Nye - Nursing


Distinguished Team - Experience Northern


Distinguished Team - Homecoming Awards Show


Distinguished Team - I Share NMU


Distinguished Team - Superior Dome Realignment


Kristin Demboski, Health Center

Brad Hamel, Extended Learning & Community Engagement

Kim Hegmegee, Safety Department

Daryl Johnson, Plant Operations

Jason Laxo, Health Center

Claudia Mankee, Admissions

Glenda Ross, Plant Operations

Chele Sproull, Plant Operations

LuAnne Thurston, Nursing

Individual Award:

Ruth Abbott, Library/Instructional Support

Kurt Hauswirth, Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Dr. Madison Ngafeeson, W.L. Cisler College of Business


Team Award: NMU Wild Pups Team - 

Michelle Andriacchi, Nursing

Dominic Andriacchi, Political Science

Casey Hopper, Nursing

Katie Taylor, Nursing

Rachel Nye, Nursing

Anne Stein, Nursing

Experience Northern

Lauren Anargyros, Dean of Students

Neil Baumgartner, Dean of Students

Mary Brundage, Dean of Students

Tricia Bush, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Gerri Daniels, Admissions

Lucas Dushack, Housing & Residence Life

Jim Gadzinski, Academic & Career Advisement Center

Kari Garcia, Admissions

Chris Greer, Dean of Students

Alden Griffus, Dining Services

Cat Hardenbergh, Housing & Residence Life

Rachel Harris, Center for Student Enrichment

Kate Hooper, Admissions

Katie Korpi, Career Services

Simon Moesch, Housing & Residence Life

Tara Schafer, Dean of Students

Paul Schoonveld, Dining Services

Nicole Shoup, Academic & Career Advisement Center


Homecoming Awards Show 2021

Kylie Bunting, Alumni Relations

Lizzie Corser, Northern Center & Event Services

Bill Digneit, Theatre & Dance

Forrest Karr, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Bridget Kyle, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Mike Lakenen, Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Pat Lakenen, Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Cindy Paavola, Office of the President

David Pierce, Theatre & Dance

Robyn Stille, Alumni Relations


I Share NMU

Lexie Belles, Criminal Justice

John Eagle, Dining Services

Bob Hanson, Criminal Justice

Michael Harrington, Criminal Justice

Nikki Loehr, Criminal Justice

Haley Rhoades, Dean of Students


Superior Dome Athletics Facilities Consolidation/Realignment Team

Robert Bell, Plant Operations

Joanna Emigh, Finance & Administration

Bob Gravedoni, Plant Operations

Bridget Kyle, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Christy Lake, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Kathy Malay, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Casey O'Neill, Plant Operations

Brandon Sager, Plant Operations

David Wiegand, Plant Operations


Martin Achatz, English

Jonathan Addison ,English

Bonnie Betzinger, English

Shirley Brozzo, Center for Native American Studies

Grace Chaillier, Center for Native American Studies

Aimee Cree Dunn, Center for Native American Studies

Debra L. DeMattia, Finance & Administration

Megan M. Dechambeau, Health Center

Kristin M. Demboski, Health Center

Scott N. Drum, School of Health/Human Performance

John A. Eagle, Dining Services

Lisa S. Eckert, College of Graduate Studies & Research

Rebecca Estelle, Languages, Literature & International Studies

Robert Forney, Criminal Justice

Violet Friisvall Ayers, Center for Native American Studies

Rena Gregorich, Disability Services

Luke P. Gustafson, Auxiliary Services

Andrew G. Hill, NMU Foundation

Cory D. Hill, Plant Operations

Kerry J. Hytinen, University Marketing & Communications

Heather M. Isaacson, School of Clinical Sciences

Thomas E. Isaacson, W.L. Cisler College of Business

Lynne Johnson, English

Lanae M. Joubert, School of Health/Human Performance

Forrest L. Karr, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Emily Lanctot, School of Art & Design

Kelly A. Larmour, Business Intelligence & Information Services

Aimee M. Larson, School of Clinical Sciences

Yvonne K. LeMire, College of Technology & Occupational Sciences

Christine Lenzen, School of Art & Design

Daniel R. Lynch, Dining Services

Emma E. Macauley, Admissions

Michael J. Mattson, Plant Operations

John Moschetti, Military Science

Brett S. Nelson, Plant Operations

Heather L. Pickett, College of Graduate Studies & Research

John W. Sarkela, Mathematics & Computer Science

Josh S. Sharp, Biology

Kristen L. Smith, Nursing

Michele L. Sproull, Plant Operations

Jason F. Swanson, NMU Police Department

Jessica L. Thompson, W.L. Cisler College of Business

Joshua J. Thompson, Mathematics & Computer Science

Tyler A. Thompson, College of Graduate Studies & Research

Russell Thorburn, English

Mary C. Torreano, Health Center

Tracy L. Wascom, School of Art & Design

Abigail K. Wyche, Social Work



Carol J. Bell, Mathematics & Computer Science

Julie A. Bowerman, Seaborg Center

Roberta A. Burke, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Cindi M. Carlson, Academic & Career Advisement Center

Jill M. Compton, Internal Audit/Risk Management

Megan D. Delbello, Academic & Career Advisement Center

Kari A. Garcia, Admissions

David S. Haynes, Political Science

Matthew A. Herbig, Broadcast & A/V Services

Kelly R. L'Huillier, Registrar

Michael J. Letts, School of Art & Design

Elizabeth A. Monske, English

Mitsutoshi Oba, School of Art & Design

Thomas J. Parks, NMU Police Department

Cynthia L. Pohlman, Finance & Planning

Sara T. Potter, Communication & Media Studies

Melissa M. Romero, Nursing

Tanya A. Savage, Student Support Services

Laurie E. Schneider, Dining Services

Paul R. Schoonveld, Dining Services

Mark D. Shevy, Communication & Media Studies

Matthew P. Smock, LIS/Instructional Design Technology

Daniel P. Truckey, Library/Instructional Support

John C. VanAbel, Plant Operations

David H. Wood, English



Tricia D. Bush, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Christina R. Carr, Admissions

Mark R. Flaherty, Music

Daryl J. Kobie, College of Technology & Occupational Sciences

Christine M. Lake, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Zhuang-Zhong Lehmberg, English

Alec R. Lindsay, Biology

Chris L. Mathews, Dining Services

Rebecca J. Mead, History

Melynda E. Nannestad, Extended Learning/Community Engagement

Kris A. Patterson, Health Center

Kristi L. Poupore, Registrar

Russell Prather, English

Lenette A. Pynnonen, Registrar

Jennifer M. Ryan, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Jeffrey D. Skoog, Plant Operations

Robert H. Whalen, English



April A. Bertucci, Economics

Dwight Brady, Communication & Media Studies

Michael J. Broadway, Earth, Environment & Geological Sciences

Brian Cherry, Political Science

Daric Christian, School of Art & Design

Jeffery G. Gagnon, Financial Aid

Stephen D. Grugin, Music

Denise C. Hughes, Plant Operations

Tracee A. Kauppila, Vendor Payables

Frankie A. McCormick, Chemistry

Kevin P. McDonough, Library Instructional Support/Library

Janice L. Nolan, Health Center

Terry D. Norman, Plant Operations

Mark D. Paulsen, Chemistry

David L. Prychitko, Economics

David A. Raudio, Plant Operations

Alan J. Rebertus, Biology

Barbara Rhyneer, Music

Marcus C. Robyns, Library Instructional Support/Archives

Richard P. Schwemin, Plant Operations

Michele E. Stephenson, Academic & Career Advisement Center

James A. Strain, Music

Sally C. Wilson, Dining Services



David W. Donovan, Physics

Kathleen R. Frazier, Controllers Office

Gregory R. Shirtz, Plant Operations

Donald S. Sibilsky, Plant Operations



Gerri L. Daniels, Admissions

Cameron B. Hadley, University Marketing & Communications

Leslie A. Herman, Financial Services



Robert A. Hanson, Criminal Justice

Donn M. Wolf, Network Operations Center



Kathryn A. Malay, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Paul Andronis , Psychological Science

David Buhl, Mathematics & Computer Science

Christopher Busch, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Krista Clumpner, Library Instructional Support - Library

Robert Engelhart, Music

Mary Etchison, Counseling & Consultations Services

Sten Fjeldheim, Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Mary Freier, Library Instructional Support - Library

Mary Gervasi, Dining Services

Thomas Getman, Chemistry

Kurt Greising, Plant Operations

Linda Hares, Academic Affairs

Dody Huuki, Counseling & Consultations Services                                                                      

Sandra Imdieke, School of Education, Leadership & Public Service

Randall Jensen, School of Health & Human Performance

Robert Jensen, Printing Services

Michelle Johnson, Nursing

Scott Krah, Technology Asset & Business Management

Mary Kuczwara, College of Arts & Sciences

Steven Lasich, Library Instructional Support - Library

Jerome LePage, College of Technology & Occupational Sciences

Raymond Liubakka, Printing Services

Richard Lopez, School of Clinical Sciences

Jeanne Lorentzen, Sociology & Anthropology

Nancy Maas, Nursing

Evelyn Massaro, Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Alan McEvoy, Sociology & Anthropology

Curtis Noel, Controllers Office

Deborah Pearce, College of Technology & Occupational Sciences

Deborah Peterson, College of Technology & Occupational Sciences

Paul Pruett, Plant Operations

Judith Puncochar, School of Education, Leadership & Public Service

Charles Rayhorn, W.L. Cisler College of Business

David Rayome, W.L. Cisler College of Business

John Rebers, Biology

Robert Regis, Earth, Environment & Geological Sciences

Glen Rochester, Auxiliary Services

Shelley Russell, Theatre & Dance

Brian Schmeltzer, Plant Operations

Jaspal Singh, English

Eric Smith, Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Mary Stunkard, College of Clinical Sciences

Nancy Zimmerman, Music

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