2021 virtual event

The 2021 virtual Faculty & Staff Recognition Celebration was held on April 27th at 12:00 p.m. The event was broadcasted live to recognize the amazing individuals and tremendous work that has been accomplished this past year.

In addition to the live event, Northern will continue to distribute all certificates and gifts to our award winners, milestone years of service achievement recipients and recent retirees.

Order of the celebration

The celebration event recording is available to stream on-demand, allowing faculty and staff and their families the opportunity to view or screenshot their favorite moments. The program, along with timestamped sections, is listed below:

Order of the Program

  • Welcome
  • Announcement of Award Winners
    • Presidential Leader Awards [3:25]
    • Excellence-in-Service Awards [6:29]
    • Innovation Awards [20:00]
    • Distinguished Team Awards [23:00]
  • Display of Years of Service Recipients and Retirees [35:16]
  • Closing 



Michael J. Bath                                                 NMU Police Department

Christopher J. Kirkpatrick                                Health Center

Cindy L. Paavola                                               Office of the President


NMU Emergency Logistics Committee

Michael J. Bath                                               NMU Police Department

Jill M. Compton                                              Internal Audit & Risk Management

Rhea E. Dever                                                 Human Resources

Felecia Flack                                                   Business Intelligence & Information Services

Matthew J. Franti                                            Finance & Planning

Lee M. Gould                                                  Safety Department

Christine G. Greer                                          Dean of Students

Derek J. Hall                                                    University Marketing & Communications

Thomas E. Helgren                                         Auxiliary Services

Forrest L. Karr                                                 Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Christopher J. Kirkpatrick                               Health Center

David W. Maki                                                 Technology Support Services

Paul B. Mann                                                    School of Clinical Sciences

Cindy L. Paavola                                              Office of the President

Brandon L. Sager                                             Engineering & Planning

Kathy A. Richards                                            Engineering & Planning

Robert J. Winn                                                 College of Arts & Sciences

Jill M. Compton                                                 Internal Audit & Risk Management

Lee M. Gould                                                     Safety Department

Kyle A. Hawn                                                     Housing & Residence Life

Kimberly A. Hongisto                                        Human Resources

Dody M. Huuki                                                   Counseling & Consultation Services

Jeffrey D. Koval                                                 Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Bridget B. Kyle                                                  Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Maia B. Ogea                                                     Health Center

Clayton W. Root, Jr.                                          Plant Operations

Individual Award

Christopher M. Danik                                      Business Intelligence & Information Services


Team Award: NMU COVID-19 Dashboard Team

Michael J. Bath                                                NMU Police Department

Anthony P. Bertucci                                        Business Intelligence & Information Services

Christopher M. Danik                                      Business Intelligence & Information Services

Christopher J. Kirkpatrick                               Health Center

Genevieve R. Morgan                                     Business Intelligence & Information Services

Cindy L. Paavola                                             Office of the President

Admissions Events Committee

Christina R. Carr                                               Admissions

Allison E. Frorenza                                            Admissions

Kate E. Hooper                                                 Admissions

Jeffrey D. Koval                                                 Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Alyssa J. Lambert                                              Admissions

Kimberly J. Randolph                                        Admissions

William B. Richards                                           Business Intelligence & Information Services


Arts & Athletics Showcase for Homecoming 2020

Kylie A. Bunting                                                 Alumni Relations

Erin E. Colwitz                                                   Music

William J. Digneit                                              Theatre & Dance

Michael T. Forester                                           University Marketing & Communications

Jill E. Grundstrom                                             Theatre & Dance

Katherine M. Harvath                                       Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Michael W. Lakenen                                         Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Christine H. Lenzen                                          School of Art & Design

Jason P. Schneider                                           School of Art & Design

Ryan Stephens                                                 University Marketing & Communications

Robyn L. Stille                                                  Alumni Relations


HLC 4-Year Review Team

Daniel P. Cullen                                                Institutional Research

Jason J. Nicholas                                              Institutional Research

Kathryn R. Johnson                                          History

Joanne S. Sved                                                Institutional Research

Shaun O. Thunell                                             School of Clinical Sciences


Passport to Campus Team

Cathy A. Andrew                                             Office of the President

Jill M. Compton                                                Internal Audit & Risk Management

Carolyn E. Corser                                            Northern Center & Events Services

Christopher M. Danik                                      Business Intelligence & Information Services

Lee M. Gould                                                   Safety Department

Kimberly A. Hegmegee                                  Safety Department

Sarah J. Jennings                                             Nursing

Christopher J. Kirkpatrick                               Health Center

Scott W. Krah                                                 Technology Asset & Business Management

Paul B. Mann                                                   School of Clinical Sciences

Cindy L. Paavola                                             Office of the President

Kristi J. Robinia                                               Nursing


Spalding Hall Isolation / Quarantine Team

Jonathan P. Bauers                                         Health Center

Garrett J. Brugman                                         Health Center

Megan M. DeChambeau                                 Health Center

Kash Dhanapal                                                Dean of Students

Rick J. Doucette                                             Housing & Residence Life

John A. Eagle                                                  Dining Services

Alden M. Griffus                                              Dining Services

Kyle A. Hawn                                                  Housing & Residence Life

Christopher J. Kirkpatrick                              Health Center

Brett S. Nelson                                               Housing & Residence Life

Jason M. Laxo                                                 Health Center

Daniel R. Lynch                                              Dining Services

Kris A. Patterson                                            Health Center

Glenda J. Ross                                                Housing & Residence Life

Timothy J. Schmeltzer                                   Housing & Residence Life

Paul R. Schoonveld                                        Dining Services

Traci Belair                                                     Student


Website Redesign Team

Brooke Burlingame                                        University Marketing & Communications

Carley L. Herro                                               University Marketing & Communications

Eric S. Johnson                                               University Marketing & Communications

Michael S. Kinnunen                                       University Marketing & Communications

Thomas N. O’Connell                                     University Marketing & Communications

Sarah A. O’Neill                                              University Marketing & Communications

Kelsey M. Potes                                             University Marketing & Communications

Rebecca A. Tavernini                                    University Marketing & Communications

Savannah J. Wheeler                                     University Marketing & Communications

Tom Dutcher                                                  Student

Josh Martinez                                                 Student

Lauren Rotundo                                             Student

Brianna Sartin                                                Student


Robin R. Aho                                                    Health Center

Hans J. Andel                                                    Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Bethney M. Bergh                                            School of Education, Leadership, Public Services

Brenda A. Bickler                                             Human Resources

Heidi L. Blanck                                                 College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

Abby R. Cameron-Standerford                       School of Education, Leadership, Public Services

Christi U. Edge                                                School of Education, Leadership, Public Services

Mary B. Erbisch                                                Northern Center & Event Services

Matthew G. Frank                                            English  

Kurt E. Galbreath                                             Biology

James N. Groesch                                            Purchasing   

Michael P. Harrington                                      Criminal Justice

Steven E. Hughes                                            School of Art & Design

Jennifer L. Jezylo                                              Biology

Brian M. Kakas                                                  School of Art & Design

Stephan Labar                                                 Engineering & Planning

Janet S. Labron                                                School of Clinical Sciences

Linda B. Lawton                                               Mathematics & Computer Science

Jason M. Laxo                                                   Health Center

Yu Liu                                                               Chemistry

Travis A. Reamer                                             Plant Operations

Lee E. Roecker                                                Chemistry

Timothy C. Schirtzinger                                  Facilities Operations

Scott A. Smith                                                 LIS – Instructional Design Technology



Derek L. Anderson                                          School of Education, Leadership, Public Services

Jon C. Barch                                                    Psychological Science

Jamie R. Beauchamp                                       Controllers Office

Andrew Beaulieu                                             Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Gregory A. Carrier                                           NMU Police Department

Lara F. Clifton-Rice                                          Financial Aid

Ricky J. Doucette                                            Housing & Residence Life

Julie M. Downs                                                W.L. Cisler College of Business

Allison M. Erickson                                          Business Intelligence & Information Services

Nicholas C. Griewahn                                     College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

Paul M. Johnston                                             Admissions

Jessica C. Jones                                               NMU Foundation

Sarah B. Jones                                                 Philosophy

Michael W. Joy                                                Languages, Literature, & International Studies

Dale P. Kapla                                                   Academic Affairs, Provost & Vice President

Daniel K. Konku                                               W.L. Cisler College of Business

John T. Laufer                                                  Auxiliary Services

Robert J. Legg                                                Earth, Environment & Geological Sciences

Lori Malnor                                                      Continuing Education & Workforce Development

Rachel M. Nye                                                 Nursing

Anita M. Oakland                                             Dining Services

Adam J. Prus                                                    Psychological Science

Angela M. Rasmussen                                     Graduate Education & Research

Katie M. Schoonveld                                       Institutional Research

Jeffrey T. Stampee                                          NMU Police Department

Mary E. Stunkard                                             School of Clinical Sciences

Rebecca A. Tavernini                                      University Marketing & Communications

Katherine C. Teeter                                         Biology

Rebecca J. Ulland                                            Languages, Literature, & International Studies  

Nichole Veirs                                                   Admissions



Michael J. Andary                                            College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

David R. Boe                                                    English

Sandra J. Burr                                                   English

Sandra E. Dagenais                                          Plant Operations

Mary A. Gervasi                                               Dining Services

Robert Goodrich                                             History

Christine G. Greer                                           Dean of Students

Jozef M. Haltof                                                 English

Kimberly A. Hegmegee                                   Safety Department

Christy R. Johnson                                           School of Health & Human Performance

Andrea K. Jordan                                             Library

Christopher S. Kibit                                         College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

Stephan Larson                                                School of Art & Design

Joseph F. Mattson                                           Plant Operations

James H. McCommons                                    English

Kathy A. Richards                                            Engineering & Planning

Kia J. Richmond                                               English

Lisa A. Sarvello                                                Housing & Residence Life

Brian L. Schmeltzer                                         Plant Operations

Jaspal K. Singh                                                 English

Alan S. Willis                                                    History



Cathy A. Andrew                                              Office of the President

Randy R. Appleton                                           Mathematics & Computer Science

Shirley A. Clark                                                 NMU Police Department

Kristi K. Evans                                                   University Marketing & Communications

Rachel A. Harris                                                Center for Student Enrichment

Jeffrey Horn                                                      Mathematics & Computer Science

Mark W. Jacobs                                                Physics

John D. Marra                                                    Network Operations Center

Jana L. Nicholls                                                 Earth, Environment & Geological Sciences

Laura A. Reissner                                                  School of Education, Leadership, Public Services

James S. Thams                                                Engineering & Planning

Renxin Yang                                                     Sociology & Anthropology



Hans G. Ahlstrom                                             Broadcast & Audio–Visual Services

Gary J. Brunswick                                            W.L. Cisler College of Business

Krista E. Clumpner                                           Library

Teresa L. Delpier                                              Nursing   

Robert S. Gravedoni                                        Plant Operations

Susan M. Henderson                                        Sociology & Anthropology

Jeffrey D. Mincheff                                           NMU Police Department

David L. Rayome                                              W.L. Cisler College of Business

Roxin Zhang                                                     Mathematics & Computer Science



Kristen I. Bjorne                                               Human Resources

Robert J. Engelhart                                          Music

James G. Gadzinski                                          Academic & Career Advisement Center

William N. Virch                                               Plant Operations

John A. Wasmuth                                             Plant Operations



Kerry L. Mohr                                                    Housing & Residence Life



Mary E. Kuczwara                                             College of Arts & Sciences

Dennis D. Staffne                                              School of Art & Design

Carl R. Bammert                                            Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

John E. Benam                                               Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Helen M. Bicigo                                              Graduate Education & Research

Julie A. Bonner                                               Northern Center & Event Services

Annette C. Brown                                          W.L. Cisler College of Business

Shirley A. Brozzo                                            Multicultural Education and Research Center

Jane A. Campbell                                           Nursing

Sharon L. Carey                                             Dining Services

Sandra G. Carlson                                          Technology Asset & Business Management

Nancy E. Carter                                             School of Education, Leadership & Public Service

Patricia L. DesJardins                                     Dining Services

Felecia J. Flack                                               Business Intelligence & Information Services

Robert J. Fleury                                             Plant Operations

Diane M. Goethe                                            Library

Vincent T. Grout                                            NMU Foundation

Claudia L. Hart                                               W.L. Cisler College of Business

David A. Helton                                             W.L. Cisler College of Business

Lorraine D. Hillock                                         School of Health & Human Performance

Patrick D. Jerome                                          Communication & Performance Studies

Janice A. Johnstone                                       Student Service Center

Keith H. Kendall                                             History

Darlene M. Kyto                                             NMU Police Department

JoDee D. Larsh                                               Financial Aid

Virginia A. MacDonald                                   Financial Aid

Gary McDonnell                                             Economics

Thomas J. McManus                                      School of Art & Design

Kerry L. Mohr                                                 Housing & Residence Life

Karl A. Mulder                                                Network Operations Center

Steven E. Nelson                                           Political Science

Nicole L. Norman                                          Plant Operations

Carrie L. Rabitaille                                         Auxiliary Services

David G. Rice                                                 NMU Police Department

Kim M. Rotundo                                             Registrar

Donald A. Salo                                               Network Operations Center

Patricia A. Sarvello                                        School of Education, Leadership & Public Service

Carol J. Schirtzinger                                      Purchasing

Susan E. Schroderus                                      Financial Services

Carol S. Steinhaus                                         W.L. Cisler College of Business

W. Kevin Stulz                                               Admissions

Karin M. Stulz                                                 W.L. Cisler College of Business

Suzanne E. Swanson                                     Library - Instructional Support

Eva M. Vigo                                                   Nursing

Margaret E. Vroman                                      W.L. Cisler College of Business

John A. Wasmuth                                          Plant Operations

Mark W. Welke                                             College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

Suzanne Williams                                          Chemistry


Excellence in Service Award Recipients

Patrick Bawden               Plant Operations

Mark Burns                       Plant Operations/Steam Plant

Teresa Bischof                 Clinical Sciences

Kathy Malay                     Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports

Gretchen DeVroy            Human Resources

Thomas Gilespie              LIS/Instructional Design Technology

Jessica Jones                    NMU Foundation

Christine Greer                Dean of Students Office


University Team Award Recipients

Event Ticketing Team

Global Campus

Green and Gold Gala Committee

NMU Theater & Dance - Theatre For All Initiative


Innovation Award Recipients

Individual Award: Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois

Team Award: EAN Support Team



Visit the 2020 Recognition Celebration page for a full list of winners.



Maria G. Arenillas                                            Languages, Literature & International Studies

Antony G. Aumann                                          Philosophy

Robert J. Belton                                               Biology

Michael D. Crum                                              W. L. Cisler College of Business

Amber M. Emanuelson                                    Admissions

Hugo A. Eyzaguirre                                         Economics

Laura J. Glover                                                 Office of the President

Lee M. Gould                                                   Safety Department

Luke J. Guindon                                               Safety Department

Shane J. Hawkins                                             Dining Services

Michelle R. Inman                                            Communication & Media Studies

Jon L. Kovar                                                     NMU Police Department

Grant A. Langdon                                            Housing & Residence Life

Jerome P. LePage                                            College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

Robert L. Lehtinen                                           Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Alan McEvoy                                                    Sociology/Anthropology

Daniel P. O'Neill                                               Housing & Residence Life

Maia B. Ogea                                                   Health Center

Shawn E. Olson                                               Financial Aid

Michael S. Osier                                               Auxiliary Services

Laurel J. Perrault                                              Admissions

Dawn L. Peterson                                            Center for Student Enrichment

­Martin Reinhardt                                              Center for Native American Studies

Glen A. Rochester                                           Auxiliary Services

Courtney J. Specker                                        Controllers Office

Suzanne E. Swanson                                        Library Instructional Support

Heidi A. Voigt                                                  Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Susy S. Ziegler                                                 Earth, Environment, & Geographical Sciences



Heidi K. Carter                                                 Dining Services

Ross A. Christensen                                         College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

Lara Clisch                                                       Political Science

Thomas A. Dagenais                                        Plant Operations

Keith C. Ellis                                                     School of Art & Design

Kenneth C. Holder                                           School of Education, Leadership & Public Service

Jennifer A. Howard                                          English

Hsin-Ling Hsieh                                                Economics

Christopher T. Kirk                                          School of Health & Human Performance

Bridget B. Kyle                                                Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Gabe S. Logan                                                 History

Jason M. McClure                                            Plant Operations

Kristi M. McClure                                             Career Services

Thomas J. McManus                                         School of Art & Design

Peter J. Pless                                                    School of Art & Design

Glenda J. Ross                                                 Housing & Residence Life

Gary M. Stark                                                   W. L. Cisler College of Business

William L. Tireman                                          Physics

Jesse L. Wernholm                                          NMU Police Department

Andrea L. Wrubel                                            School of Art & Design



Stacy L. Busch                                                 Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

Austin Hummell                                               English

James A. Juopperi                                           Network Operations Center

Janet L. Koski                                                   Equal Opportunity

Nelly Kupper                                                    Languages, Literature & International Studies

Michael W. Lakenen                                        Broadcast & Audio Visual Services

Patrick J. Lakenen                                            Broadcast & Audio Visual Services

Brian A. Larson                                                Business Intelligence & Information Services

Jill B. Leonard                                                  Biology

Angela R. Maki                                                 Registrar

Amy S. Orf                                                       Languages, Literature & International Studies

James G. Rector                                              Dining Services

Michael R. Rotundo                                         Financial Aid

Carol J. Schirtzinger                                        Purchasing

Paula M. Supanich                                           Plant Operations

Mary T. Tallio                                                   Student Service Center

Nicole S. Walton                                             Broadcast & Audio Visual Services

Ruth A. Watry                                                    Political Science

Terri L. Williams                                                 Office of the President

Jeffrey L. Wommer                                           Network Operations Center



John G. Bruggink                                             Biology

Thomas D. Getman                                         Chemistry

Randall L. Jensen                                             School of Health & Human Performance

Donald J. Marquardt                                        Chemistry

Lori A. Rintala                                                  English

Kristi J. Robinia                                                Nursing

Michael D. Rudisill                                           Engineering Technology



Paul T. Andronis                                              Psychological Science

Carl R. Bammert                                              Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports

James G. Cantrill                                              Communication & Media Studies

Julane L. Cappo                                               Human Resources

Sandra G. Carlson                                            Technology Asset/Business Management

Steven C. Coash                                              Auxiliary Services

Neil Cumberlidge                                            Biology

Chet R. DeFonso                                             History

Pamela A. Johnson                                          Financial Services

Sharon L. Mattis                                               Controllers Office

Julie A. Rochester                                            School of Health & Human Performance

Michael F. Strahan                                           Library Instructional Support/Library



Kathryn A. Dawe                                             Registrar

Felecia J. Flack                                                Business Intelligence & Information Services

Diane M. Goethe                                             Library Instructional Support/Library

JoDee D. Larsh                                                Financial Aid

Kathyrn A. Solka                                              Engineering Technology

Tracy J R VanAbel                                           Housing & Residence Life



Grace E. Albert                                                Psychological Science

Annette C. Brown                                            W. L. Cisler College of Business



Eric L. Smith                                                     Broadcast & Audio Visual Services


Caroyln M. Basal                                             Student Service Center

Steven D. Brown                                             Purchasing

Patricia K. Cianciolo                                        Social Work

Thomas J. Erspamer                                        Plant Operations

Tawni H. Ferrarini                                            Economics

Darwin P. Gager                                              Safety Department

Max D. Graves                                                 Broadcast & Audio Visual Services

Victor G. Holliday                                           Communication & Performance Studies

Helen J. Kahn                                                  School of Clinical Sciences

Guy Rich LaPlante                                           NMU Police Department

Gina A. Lombardi                                            Admissions

Mark M. Matteson                                           College of Technical & Occupational Sciences

Sharon L. Mattis                                              Controllers Office

Bernadette J. Norden                                     Center of Student Enrichment

Patti J. Rizzio                                                   NMU Police Department

Mark E. Smith                                                  English

Laura B. Soldner                                              English

Melinda S. Stamp                                            Broadcast & Audio Visual Services

Joel E. Thompson                                            W.L. Cisler College of Business

Sherri A. Towers                                             Finance & Planning

Bruce S. Turner                                               Broadcast & Audio Visual Services

Diana K. Waters                                              Criminal Justice

Carl A. Wozniak                                              School of Education, Leadership & Public Service

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Don Wilkie

Hail, Maximus!

Sara Pizziola

Congratulations to my step-brother Jeff Koval!! Way to go!

Genevieve Morgan

Congratulations on your retirement, Felecia!

Matt Smock

Scott Smith - 10 years full time, NMU lifetime!

Matt Smock

30 years! Congrats Krista! Congrats Terry!

Genevieve Morgan

Great job, Chris Danik! Your skills and knowledge are invaluable to this university! We're so happy to have you on our team. Thank you for all that you do!

Genevieve Morgan

Well deserved, Kim! I really appreciated your help with my leave questions. I know you had a lot on your plate and you did a great job!

Christi Etelamaki

Congratulations to all award recipients! Our campus is a better place because of all of you.

Christy Hartline

Congrats Dody!! You are such an asset to our department and University!

Amy Barnsley

Great job Math and CS faculty: Linda, Jeff, Randy, and Roxin!

Sarah Breen

To Christy Johnson (School of Health & Human Performance), congratulations on 20 years of service. We sure appreciate all you do in the SHHP.

Robin Aho

Congratulations to the winners for 2021, it was a challenging year on so many fronts and we are fortunate for the great people and teams at NMU.

Sarah O'Neill

Congratulations to all!

Kelsey Potes

Congratulations to all of this year's award winners!