Developing Study Skills

Dr. Stephen Chew, from Samford University, provides great insight to effective study strategies on the Samford Office of Marketing and Communication YouTube channel linked below. He addresses areas such as how people learn, cognitive processes for optimizing learning, putting principles into practice, and how to recover from a bad exam. 

Science for a Smarter Workplace

Information on Industrial and Organizational Psychology. dustrial-organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of working and the application of that science to workplace issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations. The scientific method is applied to investigate issues of critical relevance to individuals, businesses, and society.

Exploring Careers in Psychology

Below is a link to Dr. Kit's website, which is full of information about exploring additional schooling in Psychology provided by students and professors, as well as an overview of different career pathways in the Psychology field. 

Society for the Teaching of Psychology

More information on the APA Guidlines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major.

Tips for Attending Conventions

Are you fortunate enough to be attending a professional convention or conference? Visit the PSI CHI webpage for some ways to make the most out of your experience.