Student Research Experiences

The General Psychology Master of Science Degree at NMU strives to provide intensive student-initiated research experience in a variety of areas of psychological science related to the specialization of our program faculty. Often times this research experience results in a tangible scholarly product such as a conference poster or presentation, peer-reviewed journal article, or book chapter. These high quality hands-on research experiences provide a springboard for students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in psychology as well as careers where experience and expertise in psychological science is valued. The program degree requirements include research experience in the form of the Master’s Thesis, but also include directed studies or directed research experiences, which can be taken earlier in the Master’s sequence. Students are encouraged to get involved in a faculty mentored research during their first or second semester to obtain maximal experience and benefit from their faculty mentor.

NMU provides a number of internal funding opportunities to support graduate student research including:

  • Spooner Student Research Grant Program
  • Excellence in Education Research Grant Program
  • The Graduate Research and Scholarly Activities Fund
  • Technology Innovation Award for Students

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Student Research Participation Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to be participants in research happening around campus for various compensation, including extra credit for classes. Click the link below to see a list of currently recruiting studies,