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Discourses from the Academy Colloquium Series

The Department of Psychological Science Colloquium series presentations will return in fall 2024



2023- 2024 Academic Year Colloquium Series Speakers

  • Jacob Aday, Ph.D. University of Michigan. September 9th, 2023 "Psychedelic Science: An Overview of Contemporary Directions."
  • Joshua Carlson, Ph.D. Northern Michigan University. October 13th, 2023
  • Derek Marr, Ph.D. Northern Michigan University. October 27th, 2023 "Learning From Olympians: Application of Sport Psychology Research in Mental Health Performance Consulting and Positive Coaching"
  • Jennifer L. Austin, Ph.D., BCBA-D, UPABA Conference Speaker, held at Northern Center. November 3rd, 2023 "Understanding Trauma-Based Care From a Behavioral Perspective"
  • Kara Shawbitz, Ph.D., LBA, BCBA-D. Northern Michigan University. February 2nd, 2024 "Generally Speaking: Teaching Educators of Students with Significant Disabilities to Generalize"
  • Fritz Erickson, Ed.D. Northern Michigan University. February 23rd, 2024 "Changing Attitudes and Behaviors: Faculty Perceptions of Undergraduate Students Pre-Post COVID"
  • Dominic Mischkowski, Ph.D. Ohio University. March 15th, 2024 "Social Pharmacology: Establishing a Theoretical Framework to Study the Neuropharmacological Bases of Social Behavior in Humans"
  • Kelsey J. Sala-Hamrick, PhD LP. March 22nd, 2024
  • Lisa Grinde, Ph.D. Loras College. March 29th, 2024
  • Michael Kranak, Ph.D., BCBA-D. Oakland University. April 5th, 2024
  • Nathyn Thompson (Sarah Zyburt), Northern Lights Child Advocacy Center. April 12th, 2024

Past Speakers

2022 - 2023 Academic Year

  • Remington Rice, Ph.D. Michigan State University Extension. September 9th, 2022 "Mending the stress fence."
  • Kimberly Rios, Ph.D. Ohio University. September 16th, 2022 "Understanding resistance to multiculturalism: The role of threat."
  • Archie Defillo, M.D. Medibio LTD. September 30th, 2022 "Sleep and Mental Health: An Innate Relationship"
  • Stephanie Jones, Ph.D. Salve Regina University. October 7th, 2022 "Consistency is Key: Function-based treatments for children with emotional and behavioral disorders in school settings"
  • Peder Seglund, Ph.D. October 14th, 2022 "The Psychology of Business"
  • Scott Philibin, Ph.D. Alkermes, Inc. October 21st, 2022 "The Medical Science Liaison: Interactions, Insights and Integrity"
  • Janette A. Polkinghorn, Ph.D. and Holly Sundman, Ed.S., Marquette Alger Regional Educational Service Agency (MARESA). November 4th, 2022
  • Mark Hares, MS, LLP, Mental Health Services Manager, Marquette Branch Prison. January 20th, 2023. "Psychology in Corrections"
  • Christina Hartline, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor, NMU. January 27th, 2023. "Mindful or Mind Full?"
  • Caroline Sawyer, Ph.D. February 10th, 2023. "Violence Risk Assessment"
  • Ilana Haliwa, Ph.D. Salve Regina University. February 17th, 2023. "Mechanisms and Applications of Mindfulness in Pain Management"
  • Kathy Snyder. March 31st, 2023. Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition "Struggling Well: From Stress to Strength"
  • Mark VandenAvond, MS. April 14th, 2023. Medical College of Wisconsin. "From cells to animals to humans, OH MY! How we utilize multiple scientific techniques to examine various human diseases. The path of a research technician turned PhD candidate."

2021- 2022 Academic Year

  • Steve Miller, MS. April 15th, 2022 "Yes, pregnancy doesn't always happen easily.
  • Keara Kanga, MS. April 8th, 2022 "Interpersonal connection strength: Mechanisms of synchronization based on effective emotion regulation use"
  • Matthew Novak, Ph.D., BCBA-D. April 1st, 2022 "Behavioral Science Applications to Improve Employee Performance"
  • Jason Cowell, PhD. March 25, 2022 "Grey Matters: Insights from Neuroscience on the Development of Empathy and Morality"
  • Todd Hillhouse, Ph.D. March 22nd, 2022 "Exploring the antidepressant effects of ketamine and other psychedelic drugs: Are hallucinations required for rapid antidepressant effects?"
  • Joshua Carlson, Ph.D. March 18th, 2022. "Are you paying attention now? The attentional processing of climate change information and its enhancement through cognitive training."
  • Jon Barch, Ph.D. February 11th, 2022. "What does social cognitive psychology research tell us about issues of diversity In underrepresented fields?"
  • Joseph Porter, Ph.D. November 19th, 2022 "Advances and challenges for treating depression with ketamine and other psychedelic drugs"
  • Kevin McDowell, Psy.D. November 12th, 2022 "The heart of the matter."
  • Christine Greer, Ed.D. November 5th, 2022 "Extended adolescence, COVID and mental health—the perfect storm?"
  • Todd Hillhouse, Ph.D. October 29th, 2022 "Not all opioids are created equal: targeting the opioid system for depression and cocaine addiction"
  • Bradley Olson Ph.D. October 22nd, 2022 "A Gestalt look at prejudice and discrimination"
  • Kevin Trewartha Ph.D. October 15th, 2022 "Age differences in motor learning: what can we learn from neurophysiological evidence?"
  • Kymberly Schroder, J.D. October 8th, 2022. "Forensic psychology: tales from 'The Darkside'"
  • Amanda Rosenberg, M.A. October 1st, 2022. "A secret algorithm to a successful career"
  • Forrest Toegel, Ph.D., BCBA-D. September 10th, 2022 "Promoting health and prosperity using behavior analysis."

2020 - 2021 Academic Year

  • Lawrence Carey, Ph.D. January 29, 2021 "Unraveling the Complexities of Cannabinoid CB2 Receptor-Mediated Antinociception"
  • Ashley Shayter, Ph.D. February 5, 2021 "Evaluating the Efficacy of Online Instruction and Acceptance and Commitment Training on the Performance of Registered Behavior Technicians"
  • Kammie Rossetto Juzwin, PsyD February 12, 2021 "Thinking Outside the Box: MH Providers Working with Uniformed First Responders"
  • Kesong Hu, Ph.D. April 9, 2021 "The Influences of Emotion and Motivation on Perception and Cognition"
  • Sean Mooney-Leber, Ph.D. April 16, 2021 "The Impact of Neonatal Pain and Reduced Maternal Care on Brain and Behavioral Development"
  • Lisa M. Savage, M.S. Candidate April 29, 2021 "In Search of a Simplified, Objective Attachment Style Assessment: The Attachment Implicit Measure"

2019-2020 Academic Year

  • Michele L'Huilier, M.S. Candidate July 8, 2019 "The Effects of Gamification in Conjunction with the Good Behavior Game and ClassDojo"
  • Alex D. Lekander, M.S. Candidate July 9, 2019 "The Discriminitive Stimulus Effects of Putative Antipsychotic Drugs'
  • Min Park, M.S. Candidate July 9, 2019 "Assessment of Sex Differences and Amphetamine on Schedule-Induced Polydipsia"
  • Kara Shawbitz, M.S. Candidate July 9, 2019 "Improving Procedural Fidelity and Treatment Outcome in Natural Environment Training Using Peer Feedback"
  • Jake Aday, M.S. September 6, 2019 "Psychedelic Science: History and Current Directions"
  • Sarah Sandiago, M.S. September 20, 2019 "Identifying and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome"
  • Anne C. Totero, M.S., LMFT September 27, 2019 "Psychology and Clinical Practice in Healthcare Delivery Systems (HCDS)"
  • Elizabeth N. Holly, Ph.D. October 11, 2019 "How do we Learn Motor Behaviors to get Rewards? Exploring a Role for a Small Class of Striatal Interneurons"
  • Derek J. Huffman, Ph.D. October 25, 2019 "Memory: A Means of Navigating our Past, Present, and Future"
  • Anthony O'Neill Detective October 30, 2019 "Niagara Train Bridge Shooting"
  • Lin Fang, Ph.D. November 1, 2019 "Cognitive and Affective Vulnerabilities to Anxiety and Depression: Examining Cognitive Control and Emotion Regulation"
  • Kammie R. Juzwin, Psy.D. November 15, 2019 "Thinking Outside the Box- MH Providers Working with Uniformed First Responders"
  • Lindsey Galbo M.S. November 22, 2019 "A Nonhuman Primate Model of Alcohol Use Disorder and the Investigation of Muscarinic Receptor Pharmacotherapies"
  • John O'Neill, Ph.D., BC A-D, LABA February 14, 2020 "The Ethical Use of Aversive Stimulation for Severe Treatment- Refractory Problem Behaviors"

2018-2019 Academic Year

  • Susan Amato-Henderson, Ph.D. September 7, 2018 "Understanding Majority and Minority Student Perceptions and Graduation Rates as a Function of Self-Efficacy, Institution Type, Gender and Ethnicity"
  • Adam Prus, Ph.D. September 7, 2018 "Your Brain on Beer"
    Amanda Rosenburg, MS September 21, 2018 "A Journey to Google: How to Build an Impactful Career (and the Myths Busted Along the Way)
  • Robert Torrence, Ph.D. Candidate September 28, 2018 "Residual and Acute Effects of Cannabis on Emotional Processing  in AnxietyDisorders"
  • T.V. Joe Layng Ph.D. October 5, 2018 "Big Data, Al, Machine Learning, and Behavior Science"
  • H. Russell Searight Ph.D. October 12, 2018 "Primary Health Care: New Roles for Psychologists"
  • Samantha Wood, Ph.D. December 7, 2018 "Characterizing the Origins of Visual Cognition"
  • Brooke Lewis PsyD Candidate November 2, 2018 "My Experiences in a Clinical Psychology PsyD Program"
  • Susan Amato-Henderson Ph.D. March 22, 2019 "Exploring Self-Compassion as a Predictor of Academic Success
  • Jon Barch, Ph.D. April 17, 2019 "Facilitating Academic Engagement: Theory, Research, and Practice"
  • Laura VandenAvond, Ph.D. April 19, 2019 "Care Vs. Rigor in the Online Classroom: Adapting Teaching Theory and Course Design for the Needs of Emerging Adult Students"
  • JoLene Klumpp, Ph.D. April 23, 2019 "Trends in Psychology"
  • Greg Asgaard, Ph.D. April 26, 2019 "Military Psychology and Post traumatic Stress Disorder"
  • Chiara Johnson, M.S. Candidate May 3, 1019 "Comparing Function-Based Multiple Stimuli Without Replacement and Paired-Choice Preference Assessment Results"
  • Sarah Elizabeth Hall, M.S. Candidate May 3, 2019 "Players' Preference for Losses Disguised as Wins in Keno: A Concurrent Choice Procedure"
  • Erin Wylie, M.S. Candidate May 21, 2019 "Behavioral and Psychophysiological Effects of Arbitrary Near-Miss Outcomes in a Game of War'
  • Ellyse VanDyke, M.S. Candidate June 18, 2019 "Threat Perception Alteration as an Effect of Use-of Force"
  • Sigrid Crowel, M.S. Candidate June 26, 2019 "An Examination of Affective Blunting in Rodents"
  • Jeremy A. Andrzejewski, M.S. Candidate June 27, 2019 "Evaluating Changes in Error-Monitering Electrocortical Responses as an Outcome of Attention Bias Modification Training"

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