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Dear Visitors to NMU’s Department of Psychological Science page,

 I would like to welcome you to our website for Northern Michigan University’s Department of Psychological Science. Here you’ll find information about programs, faculty, research activities, and student works, along with department news and events. Our courses emphasize the science of Psychology, focusing on the fascinating ways we perceive the world, learn new things, remember our past, process emotions, and the countless other ways that define the human experience. To explore the human mind is to learn the concepts, principles, and theories of this field. Our students go on this journey with acclaimed Psychology professors, who not only teach courses, but also endeavor to make new discoveries in the field of psychology. In fact, interested students may find themselves working side by side with a professor in one of our many research laboratories. These experiences provide a great preparation for jobs and graduate programs in Psychology.

The “Programs” item on the menu expands to list our undergraduate psychology major programs and our master’s degree programs. Our undergraduate programs will consist of a Psychology major and Behavior and Cognitive Neuroscience major. Our master’s programs include a Psychological Science program and an Applied Behavior Analysis program.

The undergraduate Psychology major provides a strong introduction to the basic principles and theories in the Psychological Sciences as well as coverage on the primary content areas in this discipline. Those seeking a Psychology major may pursue certain careers where a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is helpful or may pursue graduate programs in Psychology, such as experimental or clinical psychology. The major offers concentrations areas in Mental Health / Pre-clinical Psychology, Brain and Behavior, Developmental Psychology, and Social/Personality Psychology. Students have opportunities for research or internship placements within these concentration areas. 

Our Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience major provides a comprehensive foundational coverage of these areas of neuroscience and is offered in collaboration with faculty in the Biology Department. Graduates with this degree may engage in technical work related to neuroscience or may continue their neuroscience education at the graduate level.

Our department also offers two master's degree programs. Our master’s program in Applied Behavior Analysis also trains students for certification by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board; at this level, students can become fully certified to provide applied behavior analysis services. Students have supervised practicum hours either by working with local mental health providers or by working in the Behavior Education and Assessment Research center. The BEAR center provides treatment services for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders.

Psychological Science is our other master’s program. This program aims to provide students with advanced coursework in psychology along with an experimental thesis. Graduates from this program either go on to jobs in research or teaching or they use the master’s degree as a stepping stone into a competitive doctorate program.

At NMU, we use the phrase “distinctly Northern” as a way to note the unique ways that we exemplify excellence. There is certainly something distinct about the experiences and programs we provide for our students. I can think of few places where undergraduate students can engage in real substantive contributions alongside faculty on highly impactful research; where students can work in an on-site clinic to provide treatment services to children with Autism; where they can also engage in student groups in psychology to help those in our community or to meet practitioners in our local hospital and community agencies. We do all this surrounded by the majestic beauty of the U.P.’s expansive forests, winding streams, rolling hills, and endless beaches. And on your hiking trip up Sugar Loaf mountain, don’t be surprised to find a student doing her online homework, connected using an NMU laptop and one of the world’s most innovative online educational access networks.

I hope you find our website informative, and if you find our programs of interest to you, please consider stopping by for a visit. NMU offers an excellent campus visit program for prospective students and their parents, and they’ll arrange for you to visit our department and the university campus. If you have any questions about our department and our programs, please feel free to contact the Psychology office at 906-227-2935 or by email at


Adam Prus, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor and Head
Department of Psychological Science