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"After taking my first psychology course, I found myself wanting to learn more and sign up for more psychology-based classes. I have always been interested in different ways of obtaining happiness and how to help others obtain happiness. Through learning more about psychology, I knew I wanted to major in it because it was my passion. I am now getting ready to pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling so I can continue to help people obtain happiness."


2021 Psychology Outstanding Graduating Senior


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Bulletin Listing for the Psychology Major

To review the program description, lists of required and elective courses, and concentrations, visit the Psychology Major bulletin listing by selecting the link below.

Concentration Areas

Upper division electives for the Psychology Major are organized into concentration areas, which provide students opportunities to more deeply explore particular areas of psychology. Concentrations include capstone experiences consisting of either mentored research or practicum. Students preferring a more open selection of electives without a capstone can pursue the Interdisciplinary Concentration. See a description of the major's concentration areas below.



Mental Health and Pre-Clinical Psychology Concentration

Courses focus on topics of relevance to mental health and preparation for further education in clinical psychology. Topics include abnormal psychology, health psychology, personality theory, positive psychology, neuropsychology, ethics and practice in clinical psychology, and psychopharmacology.



Brain and Behavior Concentration

Courses focus on topics of concerning the brain's mediation of behavioral, cognitive, and emotional processes. Topics include neuropsychology, psychophysiological measurement, and psychopharmacology.


Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology Concentration

Courses focus on topics of relevance to developmental psychology. Topics include child, adolescent, and adult developmental psychology.


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Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Concentration

Courses focus on topics of concerning cognitive and behavioral theory. Topics include animal behavior, analysis of behavior, neuropsychology, social cognition, and sensation and perception.


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Social and Personality Psychology Concentration

Courses focus on topics of concerning the personality theory and social psychology. Topics include psychology of personality, social cognition, and psychology of race, ethnicity, gender, and culture.


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Interdisciplinary Concentration

Courses provide students the flexibility to select upper division courses from other concentrations. This concentration does not require a practicum or research experience.


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Practicum Sites

For PSY460 Practicum/Research capstone experiences, a number of local agencies and organizations have offered applied learning opportunities. Explore our listings by visiting the link below and discuss with your major advisor the opportunities that best fit your psychology concentration and post-NMU goals. 


Online learning

Online Psychology Major

The Department of Psychological Science offers a fully online Psychology Major through Global Campus. NMU’s Global Campus houses all online and extended learning academic programs and oversees the first of its kind Educational Access Network, providing broadband LTE internet access to students throughout the region. The online Psychology Major includes the choice between the Interdisciplinary Psychology Concentration or the Mental Health & Pre-Clinical Psychology Concentration. To apply for this program, visit the Global Campus Apply Now page.