Undergraduate Programs

Approval for Directed Study Form - Use this to obtain approval for a Directed Study.

Course Substitution and Waiver Form - Use this for course substitutions or waivers. This should be completed with an advisor.

Departmental Approval for PSY299 or PSY399 Form - Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants need this form for PSY 299 or PSY399 credit.

PSY460 Registration Form - Use this form to sign up for PSY460A, B, C, D, or E

Graduate Programs

Forms for registering for PSY589 Advanced Research (1 - 2 cr.), PSY592 Psychology Practicum (1 - 4 cr.), and PSY593 Research Development (3 cr.) use the "Research/Practicum Credits Registration Form" located on the Forms page on NMU's Graduate Studies and Research site. 

Master's Thesis studies require a form approving the thesis proposal, a form to register for thesis credits, and finally a form approving the completed thesis. These forms are also provided by Graduate Studies and Research.

Master's capstone projects require taking PSY590 Applied Research. Students sign up for PSY590 by filling out the "Research/Practicum Credits Registration Form."