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This January 2020 newsletter shares the news and events in our department occurring this past year and introduces the new faculty members who have joined the department. 

NMU’s Excellence in Education Program is a $1500 award established to support graduate student research in the summer. The awards are intended to assist graduate students in the conduct of scholarly research and creative works that will enhance their academic experience and professional growth.

All five of our applicants (listed below with their Mentor and Title of the research proposal) for the Summer 2019 Excellence in Education Research Program were funded!

Jeremy Andrzejewski (Dr. Joshua Carlson):  Evaluating the Error-Related Negativity as a Functional Biomarker of Brain Structure to Predict Attention Bias Modification Outcome.

Hayley Gilbertson (Dr. Joshua Carlson):  Effects of Attention Bias Modification on Neural Indices of Error Monitoring and Conflict Processing in High-Trait Anxiety Individuals.

Alex Lekander (Dr. Adam Prus):  Examining the Effects of Putative Antipsychotic Drugs.

Min Park (Dr. Adam Prus):  Assessment of Sex Differences and Behavioral Effects of Psychostimulants on Schedule-Induced Polydipsia.

Taylor Susa (Dr. Joshua Carlson):  Blood Biomarkers and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Following Concussion in Post Return-to-Play Collegiate Athletes.


Dr. Adam Prus (Professor and Head of Psychological Sciences) has been selected to receive the 2018 Distinguished Faculty Award.

The screening committee is comprised of the Academic Deans and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Committee bases its decisions on the nominee's record of significant contributions to NMU and to his/her professional discipline in all three of the following:

  1. teaching or other assigned responsibilities
  2. research, scholarship, creative activities
  3. university or professionally-related community service


Dr. Jacob Daar's work at the BEAR clinic premiered on Local 3 News, showcasing the work that is being done to help children with autism.


A manuscript by Dr. Joshua Carlson and students Scott Conger and Jamie Sterr, "Auditory Distress Signals Potentiate Attentional Bias to Fearful Faces: Evidence for Multimodal Facilitation of Spatial Attention by Emotion" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Nonverbal Behavior. 

    Taylor Susa (Senior Psychology Major) has been awarded one of five NMU Honors Program's 2018 "Anna and Rich Lundin Honors Summer Research Fellowships."  Taylor  will employ $5,000 toward the expenses involved in pursuing academic research during the upcoming summer on her project:   “Neuroimaging of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Collegiate Athletes.”  Dr. Joshua Carlson will mentor Taylor on this research.