• Don’t wait until your senior year to look for appropriate graduate programs. Find some programs by doing online searches and by talking to professors and other students. Become familiar with their requirements and prerequisite courses. 
  • When searching for graduate programs go to the Accrediting association websites such as this.
  • The regular Google searches will yield results that are heavily influenced by the amount of money the grad programs can spend on advertising. Search on accreditation webpages will yield university based programs that are more likely to offer financial aid such as assistantships.
  • The department Junior and Senior Seminar courses are designed to help you plan for your future. Taking one of those courses may help you with that process
  • Begin building your vita by making lists of your activities in high school and college. 
  • Consider finding employment that broadens your relevant experience. Teaching Family Homes, Pathways, and Adult Learning Systems all offer employment that puts you in contact with patient populations.
  • Volunteer organizations also offer opportunities to develop leadership and interactive skills
  • Consider registering for the Superior Edge program. This program will guide you through a process of building a diverse set of experiences. You activities in the Psychology Department will count toward completion of the Superior Edge.
  • And most important, meet with your advisor or an advisor who knows your area of interest. Do this at least once each year.

Graduate School Preparation Essentials

  • Maintain a minimum of a 3.00 GPA
  • Get involved in activities that will help you prepare.

These include:

  • Student organizations in which you take some kind of leadership or active role, 
  • Teaching Apprenticeships or Research Apprenticeships in the department, 
  • Other work with department faculty that will help them get to know your abilities. The faculty will be asked to write about your character, abilities, and experience in reference letters. Your activities with them will enable them to write good letters for you.