Where Our Graduates Go

Graduating students from the psychological science & neuroscience programs often choose to seek further education outside of Northern Michigan. Above, you'll find a map of the institutions our alumni have gone to, and the degrees they've earned there. Yellow Pins indicate Master's level degrees, Green pins indicate Doctoral education, and Black pins are schools that have awarded both kinds of degrees to alumni.

What Our Graduates Do

Psychology & Neuroscience students sometimes seek employment right after earning their degree. One unique benefit to holding a degree in psychology is its wide application to almost any field, indicated in the map above. Yellow pins indicate clinicians, health care professionals, and therapists. Green pins indicate business people, like marketing or human resources officers, as well as business owners. Indigo pins represent teachers at every level, be it K-12 or professors at universities. Beige pins represent government workers, both those in state service departments and those who proudly serve the United States in the armed forces.

Contact Information

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Weston Hall, Room 1001

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