Amanda Rosenburg M.A.

Team Lead and Head of Research at Google Classroom

A Secret Algorithm to a Successful Career:

Amanda Rosenburg has spent nearly two decades impacting companies in children's programming, education and tech by informing strategy and direction through her research to help pioneer new ways to educate kids in the digital age. Her work with past companies and clients includes PBS, Amazon, Hasbro, Dreamworks, and Nickelodeon - to name a few. Now at Google, Amanda leads the team developing one of the largest Educational Tech products in the world -- Google Classroom (with a global user base of over 200 million teachers and students daily). 

During this talk, Amanda will highlight how she became a top leader in her field. She'll share secrets to establishing a successful career by providing concrete steps you can take to help shape your future path and land your dream job. 

Amanda earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and research analysis from Northern Michigan University. She earned her master’s degree in developmental psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College, where she also completed doctoral work in communication, media and learning technologies. Amanda is being honored with the NMU Young Alumni award during 2021 homecoming weekend.

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