Cory Toegel

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., West Virginia University

Office: Weston 1127

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Dr. Cory Toegel received her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis from West Virginia University. She also is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at LEARN Behavioral, where she focused on providing behavioral services to children with autism, and training caregivers to implement behavioral techniques.

She is currently an Assistant Professor and teaches undergradyate and graduate courses in the Psychological Science program. Some of the classes she teaches include: Experimental Analysis of Behavior (ABA205; ABA508), Research Methods (PSY202; PSY505), Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis (ABA501), Organizational Psychology (PSY423), and Ethics and Practice in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA350).

Dr. Toegel has research interests in the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and Applied Behavior Analysis. Our research focuses on understanding basic and complex behavioral processes, evaluating and refining laboratory models, and evaluating clinical applications of behavioral principles. To learn more about research in the Toegel Lab, visit the lab website. Dr. Toegel is currently accepting undergraduate and graduate students to join the lab.

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