Lin Fang

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Ghent University

Office: New Science Facility 1129

Lin Fang, Ghent University Ph.D., and Assistant Professor, is the co-director of the Cognitive x Affective Behavior & integrative Neuroscience (CABIN) Lab. She uses multimodal measurement, including behavioral measurement, eye movement measures, heart rate variability, EEG/ERP, structural and functional MRI, in order to investigate cognitive vulnerabilities to depression and anxiety, from (1) laboratory perspective: such as the interaction between cognition and emotion in depression and anxiety, and information processing in rumination; (2) naturalistic perspective: such as the effectiveness and underlying mechanism of cognitive bias modification in depression and anxiety; dynamic patterns of affect and emotion regulation in daily life. In her spare time, she enjoys playing animal crossing, traveling, and listening to podcasts.

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Lin portrait