The Department of Psychological Science faculty revised courses and created new courses to be enacted for the 2019-2020 academic bulletin. The course revisions ensure that our content remains updated and on the cutting edge. New courses allow us to provide a broader coverage of the field. The renumbering and renaming of existing courses provides a rational numbering system to these courses and an improved description of the course content.

If you are an NMU student currently majoring or minoring in psychology from an older bulletin, refer to the links below.

For Psychology Majors

Prior to 19-20 bulletin:

Follow this guidance for the psychology major if you are following the 17-18 or 18-19 academic year bulletin

For Behavior Analysis Majors

Prior to 19-20 bulletin:

Please contact your academic advisor. NOTE: Beginning Fall 2021, this program is no longer accepting students.

For Neuroscience Majors

Prior to 19-20 bulletin:

Follow this guidance for psychology course changes for the neuroscience major.

Updated 4/24/2020