Rocco Nocera, MA, BCBA, LBA

Adjunct Instructor

Rocco Nocera, MA, BCBA, LBA has 26 years combined academic and practical experience. He graduated from University of Florida in 1997, completed an internship on the Bio-behavioral Unit at Children’s Seashore House in 1998 and completed his master’s degree at Western Michigan University in 2003. Rocco held various positions over the years, ranging from classroom teacher, clinical director and private business owner. Currently, he diagnoses and treats adults with severe behavior problems and conducts master’s intern-training at Pathways Community Mental Health. His career-long duties have been the amelioration of diagnostic features of Autism in youngsters, the assessment and treatment of severe behavior disorders, staff training and personnel development. Rocco’s research interests include studying basic behavioral phenomena in applied settings, specifically as they relate to increasing learning efficiency, choice and response effort. He has presented at several state and national conferences. In his spare time, Rocco enjoys weightlifting, collecting semi-precious stones, coin grading and jumping from various, tall structures (preferably into water).

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