Resources for closing out your award

Is it time to close-out your award? Both the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Controller's Office help NMU faculty and staff navigate steps for closing out your grant or contract award. NMU uses Cognos for financial management of external funding.

To remain eligible for internal funding opportunities, recipients must submit a final report at the end of the funding period. 

These guidelines apply to recipients of Faculty Research Grants, Peter White Scholar Grants, Reassigned Time Awards, Curriculum Development & Instructional Improvement Grants, Spooner Grants, and Excellence in Education Grants.

Faculty grant recipients must submit a Final Project Report to each of the following: Their immediate supervisor, their College Dean, and the Office of Sponsored Programs (  Faculty may not apply for a subsequent internal grant if they have not submitted a Final Project Report for a previous grant.

Student grant and award recipients must submit their Final Project Report to the Office of Sponsored Programs ( and their faculty research advisor. 

The upper left-hand corner of the first page of the report must include the award recipient's name, the original title (on the proposal), and the semester and year of the award. Please use this form as a guideline for the final report.


  1. What was done?  (Summarize the project activities.)
  2. What were the results?
  3. What was produced (publication, presentation, creative work, etc.)?
  4. What further research might this lead to?
  5. What sources of external grants did you (or might you) seek?
  6. Detail the actual budget expenditures.

If the project included student travel, you must fill out and submit the Clery Travel Safety Form. Include the receipt of this form with your final report. 


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