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About the Program

Do you have experience in the construction industry? Do you desire an advanced role and better pay but lack the degree? Would you succeed in an online learning environment?

If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, consider earning your bachelor's degree in Construction Management online from Northern Michigan University.

This is a degree for those who already have skills in the construction field. We welcome your experience and will award university credit for the education you have gained in the industry.

Admission requirements include:

  • Completion of supplemental application
  • 3 professional referrals
  • 7 years of documented construction industry experience (or equivalent)

Need more information? Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section

Why NMU?

  • This is the only program of its kind offered in the U.S. for working professionals
  • NMU is a Top 10 Construction Management program in the U.S.
  • NMU was named a Top 5 Best Online Bachelor's Degrees in Michigan 
  • NMU was named a Top 10 Military Friendly Public School in the U.S.
  • Affordable tuition + financial aid assistance 

Custom-Made For You

  • Credits will be applied toward the degree based on your experience.
  • Take your choice of required general education courses (30-40 credits) at your local community college, online from NMU, or transfer up to 90 previously earned credits. 
  • Continue earning a living while enjoying the flexiblity of online learning.


Graduates of NMU’s construction management program have a 95 percent placement rate within their field of study. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a steady increase in construction management roles.

The average starting base salary exceeds $70,000 with higher earnings in metropolitan areas and niche market sectors. Fringe packages have been generous too, especially for positions that require significant travel. Median annual salaries for construction managers exceeds $82,000.

 Construction Specific (CN) Courses
  CN107                 Construction Documents*     3        
  CN110Construction Processes*  2
  CN152Codes & Inspection  2
  CN156Construction Systems & Methods*  3
  CN158Concrete & Masonry*  2
  CN251Field Operations  3
  CN254Construction Surveying & Layout  3
  CN272Introduction to Construction Design  3
  CN278M.E.P. Systems  3
  CN283Construction Estimating  3
  CN353Soils & Foundations  3
  CN357Legal Aspects of Construction  3
  CN369Construction Economics and Std. Practices                           3
  CN372Advanced Design & Conventions  3
  CN445Property Development  3
  CN450Project Control  3
  CN455Construction Safety**  3
  CN459Construction Management  3
  CN489Graduation Assessment for C.M. Majors  0 

*Credits earned through completed Construction Management application processes (please see application document requirements and admissions process).

**Complete OSHA30 training and provide card for credit award.

  Other Required Courses
  ACT230               Principles of Accounting I                                                           4      
  MET211 Mechanics & Statics  4
  MKT230 Introduction to Marketing  4
  MA115Pre-calculus  4

Q: What are the admission requirements of the program?
A: Initial admission requirements include:

  • Admission to Northern Michigan University’s Global Campus
  • Completion of supplemental application (including 3 professional referrals)
  • 7 years of documented construction industry experience (or equivalent)
  • Prior Learning Assessment (as needed based on industry experience)
  • Bridge Courses to help refresh industry skills and knowledge (as needed based on industry experience)


Q: What is the Prior Learning Assessment?
A: The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is comprised of four one-hour (approximate) exams intended to assess your knowledge in specific topics 


Q: What are “Bridge Courses?”
A: “Bridge Courses” are intended to help you refresh your skills and knowledge in a particular area based on the results of the Prior Learning Assessment.  A “bridge” course is designed for correspondence only, and not instruction.  All of the course information will be provided in modules, along with quizzes and other activities for you to practice the terminology and course content. They are 100% self-paced, and should only require minor communication with the instructor (if at all).  The bridge course(s) will have 1 final exam, which is the only assessment used to determine if you have successfully completed that course and can be fully admitted into the regular program classes. 


Q: How do I know which courses will transfer over to NMU?
A: Potential students are able to request an unofficial degree evaluation to see if any prior credits transfer and count toward a degree with NMU. To request an unofficial degree evaluation, please click here


Q: I’m told I can receive credit for my experience and/or prior learning. How do I know what courses I can receive credit for?
A: All students who are fully admitted into the program will receive 10 credits for entry level courses (CN107, CN110, CN156, and CN158). Beyond the 10 credits, students are encouraged to review the program curriculum to determine which courses they can provide proof of learning which tie back to specific course outcomes. For more information on the CPL process, review our guidelines here


Q: What does it mean to be fully admitted to the program?
A: You have met all of the program admission requirements, there are no other steps prior to registering for classes, and you will earn the initial 10 credits towards your degree. 


Q: What happens if I am “conditionally admitted” to the program?
A: Some applicants may be required to complete a prior learning assessment to determine eligibility for the program. If it is found that you are deficient in a particular topic required for admission, a “bridge course” will be offered, free of charge, to prepare you for the program. After successful completion of the bridge course, you will be fully admitted into the program and will be able to register for NMUCM courses. 


Q: Am I able to start taking classes while I am “conditionally admitted?”
A: Yes, you are encouraged to begin taking general education courses at NMU or other institutions, but please coordinate with your advisor to ensure the degree requirement are being met. 


Q: How do I know when CN courses are offered?
A: Refer to this blog for information on how to search for courses


Q: I have my OSHA30, does that help me?
A: Yes, you will receive 3 credits for CN455.  You just need to submit a copy of your card to your advisor. 


Q: What are the costs of the program?
A: For current rates, please visit (refer to the “off-campus/web courses” section.) For your reference, most of the courses within the construction management curriculum are 2-3 credits. 


Q: Are there any other fees I should be aware of?
A: Certain Construction Management courses require an NMU issued laptop for which you will be charged each semester it is used/returned. Other fees can be found at under “Differential Tuition, Course, and Program Fees”


Q: How do I know which courses require a laptop?
A: Your general advising sheet will have a notation next to each class that requires specific software on your NMU laptop. You should expect having to rent a computer and pay the additional fee when you are registering to take those courses.  


Q: How do I receive my NMU issued laptop?
A: The faculty teaching courses requiring the laptop will personally reach out to students prior to the start of the semester with specific instructions. 


Q: Can’t I just use my own laptop?
A:  Licensing for the software needed for the program is only available on laptops issued by NMU. Please know that it is more cost effective for you to rent a laptop from Northern than to purchase the software yourself. 


Q: How do I know if I need to take the math placement test?
A: Check out more on the math placement test here.

Where You Might Work

NMU construction management graduates are managing a variety of projects. Examples include (but are not limited to) airports, bridges, educational buildings, high voltage transmission systems, hospitals, motels, offices, places of worship, and more.

Some professional titles are estimators, field engineers, project managers, safety coordinators, schedulers, superintendents and various other executive titles.

Alumni have opportunities to be employed in the local area but most venture to regional and national areas and work for larger firms. Boldt, Hill & Wilkinson, M.J. Electric, Mortenson, Power, Walsh and Whiting Turner are a small sample of employers. Ambition and the ability to adapt to challenging situations are a few of the characteristics that are attractive to the many reputable firms that recruit at NMU.

Program Contacts

Heidi Blanck

NMU Global Campus