Northern Michigan University welcomes home-schooled students to share in both our academic and social campus community. Northern recognizes that diversity in the classroom contributes to a well-rounded education. At NMU, diversity not only means having students from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but also having students from various educational backgrounds. Our liberal studies based curriculum provides students from our many academic disciplines the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences and to listen to and learn from those with viewpoints and experiences different than their own.


Based on your GPA you may qualify for one of our many academic scholarships. For more information on these opportunities, visit our scholarship page.

At Northern, we realize many home-schooled students have had the opportunity to advance their talents in certain areas that may be relevant to their intended major. That’s why several departments on campus offer scholarships directly to students who major in their programs. To review some examples, click here: NMU Donor-Funded Scholarships.

Talent Recognition Awards: Scholarships are available in art and designmusic and theater. Please contact those departments directly to arrange auditions or submit portfolios and to obtain more detailed information.


What about financial aid? Northern Michigan University uses only one form for students who wish to file for financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for those students seeking aid, but is not required for students seeking admission to the university, nor is it required for students to receive any merit scholarships for which they are qualified.

For our annual tuition and fees information, please contact the admissions office at or go to

Questions from Home-Schooled Students

Why should I consider Northern?

Home-schooled students are accustomed to an intimate learning environment, and while we cannot duplicate that exactly, we can come closer than most universities in the Midwest. Although we have about 6,600 students, we also have a commitment to a personalized learning environment.  Our average class size is 28 students. Do we have classes that are larger than that? Sure we do, but 85% of our courses have 40 or fewer students in them and less than 1% have enrollment of 100+ students--and those have smaller lab and/or discussion sections attached to them.  Labs and discussion groups are even more limited in size, and the average seminar class size is 11.  Our professors and instructors are here to teach you. They are accessible to you after class, in the hallways, the cafeterias and during their posted office hours.

Do home-schooled students attend NMU?

Yes, they do. Until very recently, home school applicant data was not separated from the total freshman class profile and, therefore, we cannot provide much historical data. Emma Macauley, an Assistant Director or Admissions, works with home school applicants and would be happy to tell you about the homeschooled students at NMU.  Emma can be reached at or 1-800-682-9797.

Will I have professors or will I have teaching assistants?

You will have professors.  At Northern, our faculty’s first priority is contact hours with the student, whether in class or during office hours. Graduate teaching assistants do teach some introductory science labs and introductory composition courses, but always under the direct supervision of full-time faculty. Northern is known for having faculty who aren't just smart  (though 300+ have doctorates or are leaders in their field), but who are caring people who will provide you with the personal attention you need to get where you want to go in life.

What about the community?

Northern Michigan University is located right in the city of Marquette Michigan, (pop. 20,000) where all the conveniences of a larger city are readily available. However, within a five-minute drive, a student can be in a vast wilderness of one million acres of forests, lakes and streams. The best way to take in the entire area would be to schedule a campus visit. Visits can be scheduled on weeks days and one Saturday a month. Your campus visit can be customized to meet your academic interests. For more information, visit Campus Visit Program.

What do NMU students do besides go to class and study?

Northern makes a great commitment, both in time and in dollars, to student activities. We have nearly 300 groups and organizations registered on campus for our students to get involved in. If students do not find something they are interested in, they can start a new organization on campus to find students with similar interests. That is exactly how the existing groups got started. There is also extensive programming on campus. Campus programming includes distinguished lecturers, comedians, movies, concerts and some things you just have to experience to believe. For more information, visit the Center for Student Enrichment.

Does NMU provide coursework opportunities for students while they are still completing their high school requirements?

Students can get a jump start on their college career by exploring dual enrollment at Northern. Students who have a 3.00 or better GPA, and who have attained junior status or its equivalent, can apply. For more information, visit Dual-Enrollment Students.

What if I have already earned college credit while homeschooling?

If you have completed college-level courses at a regionally accredited college or university, you will receive credit for any college-level courses in which you earned grades of a C- or higher. Simply have that school send an official transcript to our admissions office. We will process the transcript along with your application and notify you about how your credits transfer to Northern. If you have specific questions as to how a class that you have taken or one you are considering taking will transfer, contact our transfer admissions counselors at Students with transfer credit may also be interested in this site: Transfer Students.

What else should I know?

There is a lot more information to share with you, so if you think of a question, ask us at Your question could very well end up on this page and be of help to those who follow you.

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