The Card Access System allows residents to use their Wildcat Express card to gain access to their residence hall. A resident's room key will still work in their room or apartment door, but will not unlock the door that leads from the lobby to the hall.

Card readers have been installed adjacent to each exterior door of the residence halls and to the door(s) leading from the lobby into the hall. As with any system, there are things to keep in mind as you use the Card Access System. There is a Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page to answer common questions, and you may also email your questions to

Please note the following:

  • Swipe your card slowly.  Doing so will give the card reader adequate time to verify your access.
  • Give the card reader time to unlock the door.  It may take up to 10 seconds between when you swipe your card and when the door actually unlocks.
  • Card readers sometime enter "sleep mode" to conserve battery power.  You may have to swipe your card twice (slowly, with a few seconds between swipes) if the door you're trying to open has not been used for some time.
  • Keep your card clean, especially the mag-stripe on the back of the card.




Frequently Asked Questions:

No. You can use your Wildcat Express card.

No.  Your card will only work on the doors leading to and from the hall in which you live.

Just like you are not permitted to give or loan your key to someone, you may not give your ID card to anyone so they can get into your residence hall.

Once your room change is finalized (the forms have reached the Housing and Residence Life office), your access will automatically change and you will have card access to your new hall.