The Woods

Welcome Home!

Northern offers a unique housing experience for on-campus residents. The Housing and Residence Life department has implemented “The House Model” in order to better provide support for residents. This model allows for a community of 300+ students in one building to be split into smaller groups of 50-60 called a “House.” These houses provide students with a home-like environment and a tight-knit community. Depending upon the student population and various traditions, each house hosts a distinct “vibe.”

In The Woods Complex, each floor is a separate house. In The Quad, each floor is split into two separate houses.

A Virtual Tour of NMU's Residence Halls

Northern Michigan University could be your home away from home. Whether you are a returning student or new to NMU, you will find that the experience of living in a residence hall community will add significantly to your college experience.

Explore our residence hall facilities through this virtual tour.


Exterior photo of the Woods residence hall complex

The Woods

The Woods consists of three residence halls, Birch, Cedar and Maple, with each hall having two buildings. These six buildings are connected to Northern Lights Dining by a central corridor.  The Woods includes a classroom, the Student Success Center (an extension of All Campus Tutoring), study spaces, and a front desk. The facility is ADA accessible


Exterior photo of the Quad residence hall complex

The Quad

The Quad consists of four residence halls: Hunt, Van Antwerp, Magers and Meyland.  Attached to The Quad is the Fit Zone workout space!

Residence Hall Amenities

  • 24/7 maintenance
  • Community kitchens, laundry rooms, TV rooms and study spaces
  • Recreation areas, including The Fit Zone, foosball, and more
  • Outdoor bike racks and winter bike storage
  • Academic tutoring within the facility (located in The Woods)
  • Included utilities, such as cable TV, local phone service, and WiFi
  • Mailboxes, vending machines, and friendly front desk services
  • Front Desk Services

Vlog Tour of NMU's Residence Halls

Join NMU student Josie Hodges as she takes you on a tour of our residence hall complexes. See the variety of ways to configure your room and walk through the laundry, kitchen and study areas of NMU's halls. 

Two students eating at Northern Lights Dining

All halls on campus have easy access to Northern Lights Dining, a newly renovated facility that offers students a full dining experience with a wide variety of meal options at eight unique stations.


Shared bedroom suite floor plan

The Woods Room Types

  • Shared Bedroom Suite: Four students (two per side of suite), two rooms connected by a shared bathroom.  With this option, each room has a half-wall aiding in providing privacy between roommates.  
  • Private Bedroom Suite: Four students (two per side of suite), four private rooms (two per side of suite) connected by a shared bathroom.  
  • Single Bedroom with Private Bathroom: One student, one bedroom, private bathroom.

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The Quad room floorplan

The Quad Room Types

  • Shared Bedroom Suite: Four students (two per side of suite), two rooms connected by a shared bathroom.
  • Single Shared Suite: Three students (two on one side, one on the other), two rooms connected by a shared bathroom. This room option is not typically provided at the beginning of the year, but may occur for a student if their roommate moves out. Additionally, both sets of furniture remain in the room.  
  • Shared Bedroom with Private Bathroom: Two students, one room, private bathroom.
  • Single Bedroom with Private Bathroom: One student, one bedroom, private bathroom.

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Room Measurements

  • Ceiling height
    • 1st and 2nd floors - 8'
    • 3rd floor - 7' 9"
  • Size of room - 12' x 12'
  • Length of closet - 6'
  • Height of closet (to shelf) - 5' 9"
  • Length of hallway - 7'
  • Length of inside wall (corner to hallway) - 6' 9"
  • Length of outside wall (corner to window) - 5' 6"
  • Window dimensions - 4' W x 4' 7" H
  • Floor to window ledge - 2' 2"
  • Width of window ledge - 6"
  • Width of fin-tube (heater) cover - 4" - (located on outside wall)

These are approximate measurements, actual dimensions may vary.   


  • Our standard bed height is set to 21.5” (floor to bottom of frame).  The beds can be raised to have 30.5” underneath.   
  • Bedframe = 87” long x 40.5” wide 
  • Post to post under bedframe = 82.5” 

Wall between closet openings

  • 20” wide 

Closet (Shared and Private Suites) 

  • Inside floor space: 54” wide x 24” deep 
  • 38” wide opening 
  • 50” of hanging space 
  • 65” floor to hanging bar 
  • 38” shelf to ceiling 
  • 55” from floor to first point of contact (a shelf taller won’t fit) 


  • 40” wide X 24” deep 


  • 34” wide 
  • 58” tall 
  • 6” deep window sill 


The Woods Bathroom Layout

  • Shower 
    • Width 40 inches  
    • Shower curtain length at least 74 inches long 
    • A standard decorative curtain (48 x 72) is okay as long as the shower liner provided remains up.
  • H = 54” 
  • I = 51” 
  • J = 26” 

Private Bedroom Suite   

Private Bedroom Suite floorplan

  • A = 8’ | 96” 
  • B = 9’ 8” | 116” 
  • C = 55” 
  • D = 6’ | 72” 
  • E = 9' 3" | 111"
  • F = 89"
  • G = 25” 
  • Vanity: Each resident gets 3 drawers and the cabinet space under their sink.
  • Standard room layout is where the bed is perpendicular to window.

Shared Bedroom Suite 

Shared Bedroom Suite floorplan  

  • A = 9’8” | 116” 
  • B = 7’ 
  • C = 24” 
  • D = 48” 
  • E = 65” 
  • F = 140” 
  • G = 70” 
  • H = 30” 
  • I = 55” 
  • J = 25"
  • K = 8'
  • Vanity: Each resident gets 3 drawers and the cabinet space under their sink.
  • The bed will not fit under the window along the outside wall in the shared suite.

The Quad Tour

Check out the different spaces in The Quad by clicking and dragging the image above.  Use the thumbnails or arrows on the ground to quickly jump between rooms.