One of my favorite experiences was being a part of hall government and participating in the homecoming parade. This was one of the first things I had been a part of on campus and it encouraged me to continue to get involved and make the very best out of my time at NMU.

Kylie Lanser | Birch Hall

This is an annual fall semester competition where students may submit photos they have taken for a chance to have their photo(s) displayed in the residence hall lobbies and lounges, as well as Woodland Park.  Selected photos will be displayed through the following fall semester.  Students will receive their photo enlargement(s) at the end of the display period.

Contest rules

  • All photos must be taken by students
  • Up to 10 photos per student may be entered
  • Do not submit cropped photos - this makes it difficult to enlarge photos to the size we need
  • The recommended resolution: 150 - 300 DPI, or 3600x5400 pixels minimum *iPhone photos will be blurry
  • Photos must be submitted in JPEG format
  • Applications must be completely filled out.  If not, your photos will not be entered in the contest.

Display details

  • Photos will be displayed through the following fall semester
  • The review committee will select the photographs based on their composition and digital quality
  • Enlargements will be 11x14, 16x20, or 20x30, depending on the photograph and what is needed for display 

Sign up for our photo contest here!

House Government allows campus residents a variety of opportunities to get involved with the many facets of living on campus.

Each residence hall house has the potential to add a lot to the college experiences of the students who live in it. The supportive friendships, interesting programs, and enjoyable activities, important planning and problem-solving efforts, and periodic trials and tribulations all help students to establish useful skills. Through their organized efforts, the residents of each house can contribute to their residence hall, as well as the larger campus and Marquette communities. 

Residence Hall “House of the Year” Award

The Housing and Residence Life Office recognizes houses that have achieved excellence in their efforts to be the best they can be. The annual award, given to only one house each year, is announced at the NMU Leadership Recognition Banquet held in April. Application forms are made available in March.

Hall government is a group of students who are elected each year by their respective residents. The hall government plays an important role in planning and communication within the hall. Each house in your hall will have representation on your hall government and the students you elect to represent you will identify and conduct a variety of programs intended to reflect your interests. They also will make it possible for houses to work together, get involved in community service activities, express opinions about house, hall, and campus matters, and solve problems.

Your hall government is your link to the Presidents’ Roundtable, a group of hall leaders who meet regularly with Housing and Residence Life staff, all-campus student government (the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University, or ASNMU for short) and the university’s administration, including Housing and Residence Life and Dining Services.

It has been said that the more a person is involved in his/her education, the more that person will learn. This theory applies to both in-class and out-of-class learning. Living in an on-campus community is an important out-of-classroom experience. You will be invited to express your opinions about what it should be like living in your residence hall house and hall, and you will be expected to share responsibility for making that living environment all that it can be. There is a lot to learn by doing.

Hall Government Opportunities
  • In-Hall Programming
  • Welcoming Crew
  • Presidents' Roundtable
  • Intramurals
  • Volunteering
  • Financial decision making
  • Live, Learn, Lead- Residence Hall Leadership Training

If you choose to get involved as a government member or just provide them with your input, you can make a difference. Your resident adviser and resident director will have information about hall government.

Live.Learn.Lead is a leadership academy that allows students the opportunity to learn new leadership skills that are applicable to future opportunities, influence the communities they live in and connect with other campus leaders.

Anyone can join the in-hall session.  From there, Resident Directors and Resident Advisors select participants and try to have one resident per house. 

Organization Structure

Students who participate in all of the below sessions become Gold Certified and receive a certificate and a special gift!

In-Hall Session

When: September
Lesson: Grow as a leader by learning about yourself and others. 
Who can participate: Anyone within their hall. 

Bronze Session

When: November
Lesson:  Share goals and learn skills to help you be a successful leader in the hall, other organizations, after graduation, etc.
Who can participate: Only those who are invited by their RD.

Silver Session

When: February
Lesson: Evaluate how things have been going and then how to move forward.
Who can participate: Mostly the same residents who attended the Bronze session.

Gold Session

When: April
Lesson:  Reflect and evaluate your growth. 
Who can participate:  Mostly the same residents who attended the Bronze and silver sessions.

More Information


"When I began attending Live.Learn.Lead, I really had no direction in my leadership abilities. But, after each workshop I started to feel more confident in the leader that I am and was able to learn how in interact and work with leaders whose styles were very different than my own. Live.Learn.Lead provided me with the necessary skills to become Hall President and then, later, a Resident Adviser. I still find myself using the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership I learned at LLL to achieve goals!"

Katy Vantimmeren

"Live Learn Lead was a great experience - the workshop taught me a lot about my leadership, and how to incorporate different styles to be a better communicator. The activities we did helped me reflect on how I can improve my leadership qualities for the future."

Aleda Miller

Unless otherwise noted, all events are at 8:00 p.m. in Jamrich 1100.

Our Purpose

Providing a variety of free, safe late-night on-campus entertainment that builds community throughout the residence halls at Northern Michigan University.  

Who can join?

Anyone!  We’re always looking for new members! 

When/where to meet?

Fridays @ 4 PM in the Hunt/Van Antwerp lobby.

Available Opportunities

We provide opportunities for students to work with performers, plan, promote and put on campus events. 

Attend the annual NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) conference to preview acts, meet performers and agents.  

Acts and events we've hosted
  • Comedian Drew Lynch 
  • Bingo Night 
  • Euchre Tournaments 
  • Open Mic Night in The Lodge 
  • Slam Poet Lauren Zuniga 
  • Mentalists The Evasons  
  • Hypnotist Dale K 
  • Bizarre Magician Brian Brushwood  
  • Mentalist Chris Carters 
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Program, "Sex Signals" 

Interested in joining Housing and Residence Life's annual fall competition?  Stay tuned at the start of the fall semester to learn when to sign up at your front desk.  At a later date you'll schedule a date to have your house come and vote on their favorite room.  From there, the judges from each hall pick their favorite.  The hall favorites will be assessed by a panel of celebrity judges who will pick one favorite from The Quad and one favorite from The Woods!

Room are judged based upon personalization, cleanliness, creativity, use of space and University furniture, conduciveness to studying, DIY, and sustainability efforts.

Each fall semester the residence hall houses and on-campus apartments compete in a Superior Edge/Housing Logging Competition. The competition begins the first day of classes in the fall and typically ends at midnight the second Sunday of November. The house or apartment with the most logged Superior Edge hours will receive free t-shirts, a pizza party provided by Domino's, a certificate, their name put on a perpetual plaque that is displayed in Harden Hall, and their photo displayed on the Superior Edge website. The maximum hours a student can log is 600, and there must be a minimum of 3 students logging from each house/apartment.  Remember, you need to select your house (even if you didn’t do it for your house/apt.) in order for your house/apartment to get credit.

There are two categories:

  1. All residence hall houses on campus (Birch, Cedar, Hunt, Magers, Maple, Meyland, and Van Antwerp)
  2. On-campus apartments (Norwood, Center Street, Lincoln Singles, Lincoln Townhouses, Woodland Park).


Superior Edge is a great opportunity for students to get involved in both the NMU and Marquette community, and the program is open to everyone! Here is what some of the recent Superior Edge graduates have said about their experiences:

“I never thought I would say that my life changed through completing the Superior Edge program but it did. This program made me a more confident, accepting citizen.  I am more willing and even eager to learn more about opportunities that are right there for me.  There are so many of them and Superior Edge has taught me to go for them.”

~Amanda Kaminski-Wieser, Superior Edge

What did I learn about becoming an effective leader?  I learned that everyone has a different leadership style and needs to find their ‘niche,’ and since I followed my heart, everything else followed.  I got involved in an issue that mattered deeply to me and one thing led to another, and it has made me a much more confident, poised, and mature individual. I am not the person I was freshman year, and I contribute that to my leadership involvement on campus.”

~Erica Lensink, Leadership Edge 


Promote education, service, and leadership throughout the NMU campus and Marquette community. We do this by introducing others to health, sexuality, equality, empowerment, civil rights, and other issues.   

Anyone who is interested in helping put together projects that have a positive impact on women in the area can join!  Meeting time/location varies.  Follow us on Instagram to see weekly meeting locations!

Feminism 4 all was originally founded as a grassroots organization dedicated to the promotion of a female sisterhood. In 2007 it originally started on campus as a way to unite the all-female houses. 

Over the years we have expanded our efforts to help raise awareness not only towards women's rights but the rights of minorities, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented communities.  

Events We Host:

  • Slut Walk  
  • Hear Us Roar 
  • Self-Acceptance Week 
  • Wage gap bake sale

Contact us via email.