The front desk, located in the lobby of the residence halls and Woodland Park, is one of the frequently used resources by residents.  The desk provides general information and supplies, including games, tools, room cleaning equipment, change, and a number of other items.

The front desk also serves as the mail delivery and drop-off point. If you have a question about housing, NMU, Marquette, or need someone to talk with, stop by the front desk. 

Front Desk Services

  • Toilet paper
  • Room keys
  • Stamps and envelopes
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Game rentals
  • Cooking supplies for your community kitchen

Front Desk Phone Numbers

  • The Woods (Maple/Birch/Cedar): (906) 227-3000
  • Hunt/Van Antwerp: (906) 227-2397
  • Magers/Meyland: (906) 227-2078
  • Spooner Hall: (906) 227-2460
  • Woodland Park: (906) 227-2458

Desk Hours - Summer '21

Woodland Park

  • Monday - Friday: 11am-3pm; 6pm-8pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 11am-3pm

The Woods: Closed during the summer.

The Quad: Closed during the summer.