About Magers Hall

Magers Hall isn’t just a place to live; it is a place where responsible leaders are shaped. Magers Hall provides students with a relaxed atmosphere that promotes individuality and “small group” identity. Magers is described by its residents as a generally quiet, comfortable and "homey" atmosphere. 

Magers Hall was completely renovated during the summer of 2005 and students were given the opportunity to create a theme and house names for the building. It consists of six co-ed houses and is building 25 on the campus map.

Magers Hall Government

Vision Statement: A fun-loving, supportive community that prides itself on crating new traditions and lasting relationships.

Mission Statement: This is not just a place to live. Magers Hall is a place where responsible leaders are shaped. Our relaxed atmosphere offers a balance between social and academic success. We have pride in individuality while still thriving as a connected community. Come to a residence hall where you will build relationships that will last the rest of your life.

History: Magers Hall opened in 1966 and is named after Mildred Magers, an NMU French professor who was known for her love of teaching and helping students.

More about Magers Hall


  • Campus-wide Halloween Party

Interesting Facts:

  • Magers was the first hall to be renovated in a housing renovation project that began in 2005.
  • The houses in Magers are named after literary works.
  • In fall 2006, a bull moose ran into the window of the first floor laundry room, breaking two panes of glass before running into the woods.
  • Magers Hall was the last hall to have a “House Mother,” Mrs. Marion MacLean.  Her son is currently on the NMU alumni board.
  • The women of Magers Hall in the 1970’s were the “Winfester” champions in broomball and snow sculptures.


Chad-Magers Hall Resident Director

Magers Hall Resident Director

Chad Allard is originally from Skandia, Michigan. He graduated from NMU in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in English Writing. Whilst in his undergrad, Chad was a Resident Adviser in Hunt Hall. Chad enjoys playing video games, reading, and watching hockey.

Pronouns: he/him/his

Contact Chad: 

callard@nmu.edu | 906-227-2813

Office Hours: 

Monday 12 pm-2 pm
Tuesday 3 pm-5 pm
Wednesday 4 pm-6 pm
Thursday 2 pm-4 pm
Friday 11 am-1 pm


Magers Hall Resident Advisers

Amber-Odyssey House Resident Adviser

Amber Essenmacher

Odyssey: Rooms 100-130

Diane-Inferno House Resident Adviser

Diane Reminder

Inferno: Rooms 138-166

Alex-Neverland House Resident Adviser

Alex Smith

Neverland: Rooms 200-230

Sarah-Barbary Lane House Resident Adviser

Sarah Pilto

Sleepy Hollow: Rooms 234-261

Autumn-Treasure Island House Resident Adviser

Autumn Post

Treasure Island: Rooms 300-330

Emilia-Narnia House Resident Adviser

Emilia Nelson

Narnia: Rooms 334-366