About Maple Hall

Maple Hall opened in August of 2018. The students who live in this building will have the opportunity to help start traditions and establish brand new communities. As students make an impact on the communities, this page will evolve to feature information about the government, traditions, and activities.

Maple Hall Government

Mission Statement: Maple Hall is an innovative community, which makes a positive impact through academic success, meaningful relationships, and the sharing of common goals.

Vision Statement: Maple Hall aims to create impactful leaders by helping students become well-rounded individuals that leave behind a lasting legacy of success.

Maple Hall Resident Director

Alex Kissel graduated from Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. He then moved to Lubbock, Texas where he received a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University. During his time in higher education, Alex realized his passion for housing and residence life through experiences in student involvement, hall supervision, and academic success. Alex is an avid tabletop gamer, loves to be outside and active, and is passionate about social justice topics. He is excited to be a part of a tight-knit campus community and looks forward to being a true wildcat.

Contact Grant:

alekisse@nmu.edu | (906) 227-3006

Office Hours: 

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Maple West Resident Advisers

RA Annika Nelson

Annika Nelson

Misty Mountain

annnelso@nmu.edu (906) 227-3092
RA Andrew Kempke

Andrew Kempke


akempke@nmu.edu (906) 227-3093

Mitchell Fugate

Dakota House

mfugate@nmu.edu (906) 227-3094

Maple East Resident Advisers

RA Jazzy Kroepel

Jazzy Kroepel

Déjà Vu

jkroepel@nmu.edu (906) 227-3081
RA Halyee Snyder

Halyee Snyder

The Gnar

hasnyder@nmu.edu (906) 227-3082
RA Calea Sowell

Calea Sowell

Sunset Strip

csowell@nmu.edu (906) 227-3083
RA Anica Chesnut

Anica Chesnut

The Light House

achesnut@nmu.edu (906) 227-3084