About Spalding Hall

The university has had to react to some changing needs of the Marquette community. Due to some residual effects of the pandemic and the lack of affordable and available housing in Marquette, we have pivoted so that the needs of students who do not have a place to live for the upcoming school year may be met. 

As a response, NMU will offer a combination of single rooms and single suites in Spalding Hall for those students who qualify to live in on-campus apartments. This is not a long term solution but rather a short-term answer, which explains why Spalding Hall is being used. The two different configurations will offer privacy and space at a competitive price.

Our prices will reflect the smaller living space and lack of individual kitchen facilities - there will be 3 community kitchens available to residents. A price reduced meal plan will be required for students who live in Spalding. Also, alcohol will be allowed for those 21 and older.

If you're interested in this opportunity, please contact our office at 906.227.2620 or email us at housing@nmu.edu.

Single Room Shared Bathroom

This option guarantees a single room and will have a bathroom that will be shared with a suitemate who will also have a single room. Each room will include:

  • One microwave
  • One mini refrigerator
  • One XL twin bed
  • One desk
  • Four drawer dresser space
  • A closet


Single Private Suite

This option will offer students the ability to have an entire suite (two rooms joined together by a bathroom) at an affordable price. One side of the suite will include an apartment-sized refrigerator, microwave, small kitchen table with two chairs, a piece of soft seating, a closet and an end table. The other side of the suite will include an XL twin bed, a desk, a closet and a four drawer dresser. This option allows students the ability to have more space along with privacy. 

Who can live here?

Northern Michigan University provides Spalding Single Suites/Singles for;  

  • Single students who are at least 21 years old, have lived in a university or college residence hall for at least 4 semesters, or have earned at least 56 credit hours or
  • Single graduate students who are enrolled in at least 4 credits per semester or
  • Very limited Faculty and/or staff spaces

Spalding Hall Directory

CA Abby O'Connell

Abby O'Connell

Community Adviser | Second floor

CA Ken Wall

Ken Wall

Community Adviser | Second floor

Gwen Paulson

Community Adviser | Third floor