About Spalding Hall

Spalding Hall is a unique residence hall option for students who are looking for greater
independence while staying connected to the campus community. Spalding residents are a
friendly and studious bunch who are known for being neighborly. Students who qualify to live in
the on-campus apartments are eligible to apply for a room in Spalding (see “Who can live here?”
below for specifics).

● Spalding is working on developing traditions!

Single Room Shared Bathroom

This option guarantees a single room and will have a bathroom that will be shared with a suitemate who will also have a single room. Each room will include:

  • One microwave
  • One mini refrigerator
  • One XL twin bed
  • One desk
  • Four drawer dresser space
  • A closet


Who can live here?

Northern Michigan University provides Spalding Single Suites/Singles for;  

  • Single students who are at least 21 years old, have lived in a university or college residence hall for at least 4 semesters, or have earned at least 56 credit hours or
  • Single graduate students who are enrolled in at least 4 credits per semester or
  • Very limited Faculty and/or staff spaces


Diane Reminder

Resident Director- Spooner and Spalding

Diane Reminder

Hey y’all! My name is Diane Reminder and I’m from Spring Lake Michigan. I received my Bachelor’s in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management with a minor in Sustainability from Northern. Outside of my studies I was an active member of PrimeTime productions, worked as a Deskie, and was a preschool teacher at a local Forest School. During my time on campus I lived in Birch West Hall, Van Antwerp Hall, and worked as a Resident Adviser in Magers Hall's Inferno House. During this time, I received the Paraprofessional of the Year award for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

In between meetings and office hours, you can likely find me out hiking, camping, ice climbing in Munising, digging through local thrift stores, hanging out playing card games (specifically Euchre), or chilling at Contrast Coffee with a good book or a crochet project. 

Please be sure to stop by my office and say hello!



906-227-2320 (Spalding Office) 

906- 227-2570 (Spooner Office)

Office Hours: 

Monday9am-11am (SPALDING)
Tuesday2pm-4pm (SPOONER)
Wednesday11am-1pm (SPALDING)
Thursday10am-12pm (SPOONER)
Friday9am-11am (SPALDING)


Spalding and Spooner Hall Directory

Ryan Czech

Ryan Czech

Community Adviser | First floor

Bella Sargent Graham

Bella Sargent-Graham

Community Adviser | Second floor

Lin Herron

Lin Herron

Community Adviser | Third floor