About Hunt Hall

Hunt Hall is built on traditions, open-mindedness, and friendliness. The students of Hunt create a
fun and open environment for all and welcome new ideas and faces to the community. Some of
Hunt Hall’s well-known traditions include annual campouts, hiking trips, the Hunt Hall Talent
Show, and the “Arctic Plunge”.
● Arctic Plunge
● Root Beer Bash
● HUVA ball

More about Hunt Hall


  • Arctic Plunge
  • Root Beer Bash
  • Thanksgiving Dinner

Interesting Facts:

  • Hunt Hall shares a basement with Van Antwerp Hall.
  • Every winter, Arctic House members take an Arctic Plunge in Lake Superior.
  • Hunt Hall was the first hall to have a co-ed house. It was on a trial basis at the time.

Hunt Hall Government

Mission Statement: "Hunt Hall is the place to be! We strive to continue our rich history of unique events and traditions, both old and new! We hope to welcome our residents into a spirited, adventurous, and immensely cozy community. Hunt Hall, Best Hall!"

-Drafted By Hunt Hall Government 2024

Vision Statement: To be our best; best meaning always growing, bringing out the best in each other, hall-wide. Accepting a challenge, being fearless in the face of opportunity, and having a good time doing it. 

History: Hunt Hall, opened in 1967, is named after Lucian Hunt, the former head of NMU’s Physical Science and Chemistry Department.


Shelby Roesner

Hunt Hall Resident Director

Shelby Roesner


sroesner@nmu.edu | 906-227-2392

Office Hours: 



Hunt Hall Resident Advisers

Joe Tennant

Joseph Tennant

Arctic House: Rooms 100-130

Jaylee Bantley

Jaylee Bentley

Galleon: Rooms 138-166

Nicole Cash

Nicole Cash

Copa Cabana: Rooms 200-230

Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin

Shady Grove: Rooms 234-266

Cheyanne Dodds

Cheyanne Dodds

Toon Town: Rooms 300-330

Ellie Kahler

Ellie Kahler

Downtown: Rooms 334-366