As you can imagine, the end of the year move-out activities generates a large amount of trash and recyclables.  Some of the material in your room (e.g., carpet, loft material, non-University furniture, etc.) that you're not taking home can be disposed of; other items should be recycled.  Information on this page will help you decide what to do with the items you're not taking home.  As always, please contact your Resident Adviser or Resident Director if you have any questions.

Dumpsters! Where are The Dumpsters?

To facilitate the removal of trash from the residence halls, a number of dumpsters are located directly adjacent to your building. These smaller dumpsters have been there all year and can be used by residents to dispose of smaller items and general trash. 

Items that should not be placed in any dumpster include the following:


Refrigerators, especially older models, may contain Freon, a hazardous material if it's released.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

These kind of light bulbs (typically four feet long) may contain mercury which can be released if the bulb is broken.


Older, non-digital thermometers may contain mercury.

Tires, Oil, Construction Materials, etc.

These types of material may make the dumpster too heavy (and dangerous to move).  Also, many of these types of materials need to be disposed of separately by Waste Management.

What About The BIG Stuff?

For larger items, the University has arranged for what's commonly called "roll-off" to be set on-campus at the end of the semester.  Roll-offs typically look like this:


These larger dumpsters can be used to dispose of the following larger items:

  • Sofas and large chairs
  • Loft (non-University) materials (typically the lumber)
  • Carpeting
  • Other large, non-hazardous items.

As the semester comes to a close, these dumpsters become quite full.  If you notice that a dumpster is at or near capacity, please contact the residence life staff in your building.  They will then arrange to have the dumpster emptied.


If you have items that can be recycled (paper, cardboard, some plastics, etc.), there are recycling dumpsters located near each residence hall.


Questions regarding what can and cannot be recycled, and what can and cannot be put into the dumpsters near your residence halls should be referred to your Resident Adviser, Community Adviser, or Resident Director.

Have A Great Summer!