Students setting up their bike outside of the Lodge

Welcome to Life at NMU!

Welcome to residence hall move-in for the 2020-2021 academic year!  We look forward to having you join us and believe that your residence hall experience - the friendships you will make, the opportunities for involvement and learning available to you, and the support you will have from residence hall and other University staff - will add considerably to your NMU experience.

2020 Move-In Days & Times

The move-in period for the residence halls is August 8-16. You will be required to sign up for a move-in time and only five residence hall students per house will be allowed to move in over designated three-hour windows to help us manage proper social distancing in the halls.

Your parents and others who travel with you for move-in will not be allowed into the living areas of the residence halls, although they can enter public areas of the facilities such as lobbies and the Lodge. Unfortunately, they will not be permitted to assist you with moving your belongings into your room. Keep an eye on your NMU email for more details.  

NMU will test all residents for COVID-19 during a Passport to Campus event. The test, which is a shallow nasal swab, takes just a few minutes. Your move-in day/time you sign up for will become your COVID-19 testing time since the test must be taken prior to you receiving your residence hall or campus apartment key. 

The results for the test take about three days to get and no student should enter an NMU classroom without having received their results, so please work that into your travel timeline. President Erickson will talk about what happens if you test positive for COVID-19 or if you arrive too late to complete the test in time for results before classes begin in an upcoming email. 

Useful Information

  • Packing list
    • We strongly suggest bringing additional face masks, hand sanitizer (we do not provide this), disinfectant cleaning products and a thermometer.  
    • Update 7/06/2020: No Air Fryers
  • Loft kits
  • Moving carts: Depending on your hall, carts or these big boxes called Ulines are available.  There are limited quantities of these, so depending on the volume of residents moving in at a time, there might be a wait. 
  • Early arrivals - TBD
  • Roommates: Most students, including those who have not known each other previously, become good roommates provided they take the time to get to know one another, make a sincere effort to cooperate and communicate, and make it a point to do things together at least occasionally. If you have roommate concerns, work with your residence adviser to explore your options.  
  • Assignment Adjustments: For the past several years the number of students we have assigned to our residence halls has been near capacity.  This means that the Housing and Residence Life Office does not have the flexibility to make adjustments to room or roommate assignments.  If you have a question or concern about your assignment, please contact us by email ( and we will forward your question to the appropriate staff member for a response.
  • TV's: To watch TV using NMU's digital cable service, you will need a digital-ready television with a QAM tuner.  Regardless of the type of TV, whether it be LED, LCD, or plasma televisions, they must have the QAM tuner in order for them to work.  If you are not sure about the compatibility of the television, a quick internet search of the television's make and model will confirm if the TV has the QAM tuner. Each house has a TV room, so it is not essential that you bring a television. 
  • I am no longer attending NMU:  Please let us know in writing (email at your earliest convenience.  By letting us know early, you may make it possible for us to move effectively respond to another resident’s residence hall preference.