Fall Semester

Late January: Housing application goes live (for new residents)

May until mid July: Room selection for new residents

Late July: Residents receive their fall housing assignment via their NMU email address.


Winter Semester

Mid October: Housing application goes live

Late December: Assignments sent to residents

Apply today!

Residence hall applications are LIVE!

  1. Login to MyNMU and enter the housing portal (found on the bottom left of the Admitted to NMU tab).
  2. Complete the residence hall application for the appropriate term and pay your $50 application fee.
  3. Return to the Applications and Forms menu and select Advanced Payment for the appropriate term to pay the $200 Advanced Payment in order to select a roommate and participate in room selection for fall semester.
    • For fall semester : Roommates and room selection are available after payment
    • For winter semester : There is no roommate or room selection process, Housing will assign residents
  4. Watch your NMU email for periodic notifications.  (We do not send notifications to other email accounts.)
  • To participate in roommate/suitemate selection you must have:
    • Completed your housing application
    • Paid the $50 application fee
    • Paid the $200 advanced payment
  • Matched roommate or suitemate = you have requested someone and that person confirmed your request.
  • The system will only allow students of the same gender (the gender indicated on their admissions application) to pair as roommates.  Gender inclusive housing is available upon request (contact our office with questions: 906.227.2620 or housing@nmu.edu).
  • If you have a matched roommate who does not meet the criteria to select a room in one of the halls, those halls will not show up as an option for you when selecting a room/suite.
  • Unsure who you want to live with?
    • Create a profile in the Housing Portal to meet other residents
    • Participate in orientation
    • Let our office assign you based on your preferences and what’s available

Be sure to watch your NMU email for periodic notifications. 

    If you have a matched roommate and/or suitemate(s), it is essential that only one of you participate in this process.

    1. Login to the Housing Portal through your MyNMU.
    2. Select the Room Selection tab //  Select a Room or Suite
    3. Select which hall you wish to live in.  Once you do this:
      • A list of available spaces for which you are eligible will appear.  You are able to view how many spaces are available in each room and suite. 
      • You will see the price of that room for the semester.
      • If you are assigning a roommate group that is larger than two people, it is important that you choose the Select Suite button instead of Select Room button.
    4. Assign yourself to the room.  Choose which space in the suite you want to assign yourself to and which spaces you want to assign to those in your roommate group. 
    5. After you hit the I Agree button, it will take a few moments for the next page to load.  Do not click refresh, back, or close the tab.  Once you have completed this step, an email confirmation will be sent to your NMU email. 
    • Aspen Haus (Van Antwerp 200-230)  - all female house
    • Mountain House (Van Antwerp 234-266) - all male house
    • The Woods
      • Must have an account balance that is less than $500
      • Must be up to date on your payment plan
    • Academic Houses (The Attic in Cedar East, American Graffiti in Van Antwerp)
      • Returning residents have to have a minimum of a 2.75 GPA
      • New residents are allowed to sign up for these houses

    A $200 advanced payment is required to hold your bed.  Once you move in for the Fall semester, the payment will be released to your student account.  

    • This must be paid by 9PM EST the day prior to reserving your bed.  To make this payment, log into the housing portal, choose the Application and Forms option, and open the Advanced Payment application.
    • If your roommate/suitemate(s) have not completed their advanced payment, they will not show up when you go to select and assign your roommate group to a room or suite and your intended bed for them will not be held.  Additionally, they will not be automatically pulled into your selected room or suite. 


    • If you select a room and want to change your assignment, you will need to wait one business day until you are entered into the room change process.
    • If you choose to change your room, you may only change YOUR assignment, not the assignment of anyone else in your roommate group.

    If you need to make adjustments to your dining plan you may do so through the Housing and Residence Life portal on your MyNMU account. Once you have selected the Housing portal, choose "Dining Plan" on the top menu. No dining changes will be accepted online after Saturday August 20, 2022. After 8/20/2022, all meal plan changes can be requested by emailing wec@nmu.edu or contact Dining Services in the Wildcat Express Center, Room 1227 in the Northern Center.