Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question below, please contact your academic adviser.

You can find out who your academic adviser is two ways:

  • Log in to ESP and look under your Success Team on the main page
  • Log in to MyNMU
    1. Click on the Student Services tab
    2. Click on "Student Record - general information"
    3. Select the appropriate term and submit
    4. Under "General Student Record" you will see your primary adviser

All sorts of things! Here are some examples:

  • Prepare for registration
  • Develop short and long term goals
  • Navigate NMU policies and procedures
  • Connect to the broad range of resources available across campus
  • Talk through difficulties you may be facing
  • Make a list of any questions I have for my adviser so I don't forget to ask during the meeting
  • Review my academic program on the Bulletin
  • Review my degree evaluation
  • Check to see if I have any holds
  • Know when I am able to register for courses
    • MyNMU -> Registration Status - date/time to register
  • Make a course schedule draft ahead of time
    • [insert link to blank schedule template]
  • A hold is an administrative block that may prevent you from registering for courses
  • To check what type of hold you have, log in to MyNMU, click the "Student Services" tab, then click the link for "holds"
  • Some common holds you might see include:
    • Adviser Hold: You must meet with your adviser to have your hold lifted
    • Academic Probation: You must sign the Probation Agreement form (Questions? Call 906-227-2971)
    • First Year Experience: call 906-227-2971
    • Orientation: You need to complete orientation. Call 906-227-1707 with questions. 
    • FinSvc Hold: Call the Student Service Center at 906-227-1221
    • Athl(w/in) Registrar: You are an athlete and must make schedule changes via the Registrar’s office. To make changes call 906-227-2258. 
    • Measles Hold: Submit your measles vaccine information to the NMU Health Center (Questions? Check the Health Center policies)
  1. Check with your adviser before dropping the course because it may impact your degree plan and/or financial aid
  2. Call or email the Student Service Center: or 906-227-1221. 
    1. Know your IN and which course you want to drop
  1. Email the instructor to ask for permission
  2. Once you have permission, forward that email with a polite request to be added to the course to In your email include:
    1. Your IN number and full name
    2. Course name and CRN
  1. MyNMU -> Student Services tab
  2. Registration - search for courses
  3. Select the upcoming/current term when you will be graduating (ex: Winter 2023 if you are graduating in May 2023)
  4. Subject: Graduation 
  5. Click Course Search
  6. Click “000 Graduation - View Sections” (unless you are graduating with multiple degrees, choose “000M Graduation/Multiple degrees”)
  7. Register for either “Graduation-UG-Ceremony” if you want to participate in the graduation ceremony, or “Graduation-UG-No Ceremony” if you do not want to attend the ceremony
    1. If you need to complete credits in the Summer, but would like to participate in the April/May ceremony, select “August Graduation/Walk-UG”

Complete the Request to Add Graduation form and email it to the Registrar’s Office at 

  • The waitlist is a way of getting in line for a course that is full. If you are next in line and someone drops the course, you will be notified and allowed to register. You will not be automatically added to the course.
  • Please see the registrar’s website for directions on how to register for the waitlist. 
  • Cohort Restriction
    1. Global Campus student trying to register for an in-person course or on-campus student trying to register for Global Campus restricted course
  • Class Restriction
    1. Sophomore, junior, senior course restriction 
      1. Your class level is determined by completed credits
  • Closed Section
    1. This course is full, but you may be able to join the waitlist
  • Corequisite 
    1. You need to register for the corequisite - a course that has to be taken at the same time as another course
  • Linked course required 
    1. Missing a linked section, usually a lab or a discussion. Needs to be registered for at the same time
  • Prerequisite and Test Score error
    1. You don’t have the necessary prerequisites or a high enough test placement
  • College/Department/Program 
    1. Restricted to students only within that program, ex. College of Business. Or, student is not yet admitted to that program
  • Level Restriction 
    1. Graduate only or undergraduate only
  • Maximum hours exceeded 
    1. Can’t go above 20 credits. If you are trying to register for more than 20 credits, you need adviser approval sent to the registrar’s office (16 in the summer)
  • Student Status prevents registration
    1. Either not a current student, or a recent graduate
  • Time Conflict 
    1. A course conflicts with the schedule of another course you are already registered for
  • Waitlist Notification Expired On % 
    1. You were on the waitlist, got a seat, but did not register within the time limit
  • Open - Reserved for Waitlist
    1. A seat is open, but reserved for the next student on the waitlist
  1. Navigate to the bulletin:
  2. On the right side bar, choose “Courses”, then “Course Search”
  3. Input the necessary information, prerequisites will be listed beneath the course title

Ask your academic adviser