Floor plans of ADA Rooms in The Woods (Maple Hall, Birch Hall, Cedar Hall)

The ADA rooms in The Woods all have the following features: 

  • Hand cranks to operate the windows.
  • Lowered countertop/Vanity, which do not have cabinets underneath (only three large drawers between the sinks). 
  • Lowered closet racks. 
  • Modified showers which include grab bars and a foldable bench (either roll-in or stand-in). 
  • Grab bars around the toilet, which is open to the bathroom (no separate door or wall within the bathroom). 
  • Desks and dressers have "half-moon" cutouts for handles, and the desks to not have a pencil drawer. 
  • Fire Alarms with Strobe lights. 

Shared Bedroom ADA Suite

In The Woods shared bedroom suite, two students are assigned to a room, and share a bathroom with two others. With this option, there is no half-wall in the room. Additionally, there are two different shower styles available. 

shared bedroom with ADA shower floor plan Shared bedroom suite with smaller shower

Private Bedroom ADA Suite

In The Woods private bedroom suite, there are four private bedrooms with one shared bathroom. With this option, there are two different sized bedrooms. The standard-sized bedroom is 8'4" wide and 9'8" long. The larger bedroom is 10'8" wide and 11'9" long. Additionally, there are two different shower styles available. 

private bedroom with ada shower floor plan private bedroom with smaller shower floor plan

Single Bedroom with Private Bathroom - ADA

This option in The Woods features a private bedroom and bathroom.

single bedroom with private bathroom ada