The Student Finance Committee (SFC) may be approached by any student organization for funding events that will impact the campus community.  The funds that the SFC allocates are a result of the student activity fee, which all enrolled students taking six or more credits pay.  Events funded by the SFC must directly impact or have the potential to impact all students at Northern Michigan University.  The committee consists of NMU students and meets regularly to review budgets submitted by student organizations.  For more information regarding the stipulations of the Fee and for meeting times and places, contact the SFC Chairperson at 906-227-2452.

In addition to the SFC-funded events, there are virtually a million and one ways to conduct a productive fundraiser.  What makes fundraisers most effective are the following:

  • having a clearly defined purpose for raising funds
  • identifying a goal of how much your organization wants to raise
  • brainstorming by the group to determine the most effective and appropriate fundraiser
  • the complete cooperation of the people involved in the fundraiser
  • a good location and time and effective promotion
  • effective promotion

Here is a list of some popular and successful fundraising ideas, but we encourage you to use the brainstorming power of your membership to come up with some ingenious new ones.

  • Bake/food sales
  • Raffles
  • Contests
  • Benefits
  • Craft sales
  • Novelty or candy sales
  • Clothing Sales
  • Providing assistance with university-sponsored events

There are some rules and regulations for fundraisers.  You must have the fundraiser registered by the Center for Student Enrichment.  Raffles and other “games of chance” require a license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board.  Make sure to find out if there are any other rules you need to follow when you return your form. 

Always feel free to discuss your fundraising needs/ideas with staff members in the Center for Student Enrichment.  Oftentimes other student organizations have conducted fundraisers similar to the one you may be considering and because of their experiences we can pass along advice.  On occasion, we are also aware of fundraising opportunities around campus or in the community.

Student Finance Committee