Materials posted on campus must be registered with the Center for Student Enrichment. NMU student organizations and departments may advertise their event for up to four weeks, with the exception of a series of events or activities, which may be registered for a longer period of time, but no later than the date of the last event/activity. Please note: Regularly scheduled meetings do not constitute an activity. Under no circumstances will posting of materials continue beyond the end of the current semester. Non-profit agencies may post up to 20 posters for a one-week time frame. Commercial advertising of any type will not be allowed.

Materials for posting must be stamped with the “Registered for Posting” stamp before they are displayed. The original design may be stamped prior to printing, which will eliminate stamping each poster.

Please see the Posting Policy for complete details.

Posting areas are listed below.

Listed below are the designated posting areas (131 total):

79  Residence Halls/University Apartments (must be dropped off at residence hall desks)

  • 26 University Apartments
  • 8 each for Birch Hall and Cedar Hall
  • 7 Maple Hall
  • 6 each for Hunt Hall, Van Antwerp Hall, Magers Hall, and Meyland Hall
  • 3 each for Spooner Hall and Spalding Hall                           

1  Cohodas - 4th Floor Lounge

1  Art & Design Annex (drop off at 159 Art & Design)

5  Northern Center
1st Floor:

  • across from 1202 
  • near Wildcat Express Center
  • near the Wildcat Leader Lounge

Stairwell by ASNMU

2nd Floor: near the entrance to Hospitality Management Dept.

1  Northern Center/Gries Walkway

3  Gries Hall - 1st Floor lobby

2  Hedgcock

  • next to 2212 (Admissions)
  • top of stairwell

6  Thomas Fine Arts

  • 1st Floor: main entrance

2nd Floor:

  • near stairs by Communication & Media Studies Department
  • stairwell near Hedgcock walkway
  • near room 252

3rd Floor:

  • top of stairwell
  • near stairwell (by 319)

2   McClintock

  • exit by Jamrich (near room 125)
  • next to room 100

1  Harden Hall (concourse near stairs)

4  Jamrich Hall

  • 1st Floor: across from Starbucks

2nd Floor:

  • across from 2319
  • across from the middle stairwell

3rd Floor: across from 3319

6  Weston Hall
1st Floor:

  • near elevators
  • near Anatomy Prep Lab (1006)

2nd Floor:

  • main entrance
  • near elevators 
  • near 2001

3rd Floor: between rooms 3000 & 3011

10  The Science Building

  • Main entrance near lecture halls 2903 & 2901 (2)
  • Main stairwells

1st Floor: by elevator (near 1609)

2nd Floor:

  • off stairwell entrance (2)
  • curved wall near 2517 & 2605 (2 - drop off at Physics Department to be posted)        

3rd Floor:

  • near 3601
  • near 3705

4  Whitman Hall

  • near main entrance (by rooms 157 & 162)
  • near room 159
  • near Education Department (across from 177)
  • across from 108

3  Jacobetti Complex (Send to Technology & Occupational Studies, 105 Jacobetti Complex)

3  Rec Sports Complex
All posters must be dropped off at 126 PEIF by 5 p.m. Monday. Postings will be completed by noon Wednesday.