Each semester, every student at Northern Michigan University taking six or more credit hours pays a $31.72 Student Activity Fee, of which $4.48 goes into a programming account administered by the Student Finance Committee.  These funds are available to ANY student organizations interested in organizing and presenting a program that is open for Northern Michigan University students to attend.

Sponsoring a campus program or event is a great way for a student organization to highlight one of its interest areas and to create some visibility.  In addition, the process of planning, organizing and implementing a campus program is a great teambuilder for the members of an organization.

Here are the steps to follow (Note: Staff in the Center for Student Enrichment are available to consult with you on any or all program details and arrangements):

  • Selecting a program or event.  Make the necessary contacts to determine cost, availability, facility requirements, etc.
  • Selecting a facility.  Factors to consider are availability, the program/event being proposed, and the size of the audience that is anticipated.
  • Developing a promotional plan.  A promotional plan, with corresponding costs, should be developed around the targeted audience or audiences.  Some promotional techniques are free and others have a cost.  Most groups use a combination of the two.
  • Identifying production costs.  These include sound, lights, projectors, etc., that can be obtained through Audio Visual Services (906-227-2913) and anything else that may be required to produce the program or event.
  • Identifying any additional expenses, such as transportation, lodging, meals, etc., that may be required.
  • Putting together a Student Activity Fee budget request form.  This will require a description of the program and itemized expenses.  The ASNMU Treasurer (1203 Northern Center, 906-227-2452) can provide you with the proper form and assistance in completing it.  Once your budget is completed, you will be scheduled for a budget hearing with the Student Finance Committee, where your request for funding will be decided upon.  Please note: Do not make any commitments to a performer, speaker, or entertainer until after your program budget has been approved.
  • Evaluating your program or event.  You will need to keep track of attendance and collect evaluative comments on things that went well with your program and recommendations for improvement on future events of a similar nature.