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I've been readmitted - now what?

Whether you were away a semester or a decade - welcome back to NMU! We’ve designed this page to help you with your “next steps” to successfully re-enroll at NMU. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact your re-entry admissions counselor.

If you have attended NMU before, your NMU IN, MyNMU username and NMU email have not changed. Follow the steps to recover your account information or reset your password here.

If you did not activate your account during your first attendance, follow these instructions to activate your account. Please have your NMU identification number (NMU IN)/Social Security number handy!

Re-entry students are not required to attend another New Student Orientation session. If you would like to register for a session to refresh your memory, we recommend our Orientation sessions geared toward transfer students.

What to do



Where can I find additional information?

Contact your academic adviser

Your academic adviser will be able to help you understand degree requirements and recommend courses for the upcoming semester.

Before course registration

Contact your Academic Department or the Academic and Career Advisement Center (ACAC)

Run an unofficial degree evaluation

In addition to meeting with your academic adviser, your unofficial degree evaluation in MyNMU can help you make sure you are on track to complete your degree.

Before course registration

Use these instructions on how to read and use NMU’s online degree audit system

See how your credits transfer back to NMU

If you attended another college after NMU, please let your academic adviser know so they can help you figure out how these credits will complete your degree. 


Don’t forget to send us an official transcript after final grades have been posted!

Before course registration

Your academic adviser,  NMU’s transfer credit resources or the NMU Bulletin

Check for holds

Recently admitted students may have holds that will prevent them from registering for courses. If you have any holds on your account, please contact the office that placed the hold. Only this office will be able to resolve the issue and lift the hold.

Before course registration

The hold policy and information about common registration holds can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

Register for courses

Each student is assigned their own date and time to register for courses. This information, along with course offerings, can be found in MyNMU under the Student Services tab when it is available.

Check Registration Week Schedule 

The NMU Registrar’s Office’s How to Register page


You can also contact the Student Service Center for assistance.

Reacceptance to NMU does not guarantee a return of financial aid. The NMU Financial Aid Office can help you check your eligibility.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) needs to be refiled each year. The FAFSA opens for the next academic year each October. To be considered for maximum aid, file by March 1st. 

You may be eligible to have your original NMU scholarship reinstated. Review the re-entry scholarship policy and contact our Financial Aid Office with questions. 

Other scholarship opportunities: 

Depending on when you left NMU/when you are returning, you may still be required to live in NMU’s residence halls. Please review NMU’s Housing Requirement before making accommodations.


I’m planning to live…

Where to find additional information

… in the residence halls

NMU Housing and Residence Life’s Residence Hall page

… in the on-campus apartments

NMU Housing and Residence Life’s Apartment page

… off-campus

NMU Dean of Students Office’s off-campus housing list and resources

You will want to consider completing these next steps depending on your personal circumstances: